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  Russell1307 10:29 28 Aug 2007

I have been with norton for many years but increasingly feel that I want to make a move and have decided to try Kaspersky as it seems to have a great write up.

However, showing my ignorance, I dont really know whether to get the 'full package' or just the anti-virus package. The difference seems to be that the full additionally has anti-spam, parental controls and personal firewall. The first 2 I dont need (BT does one and no kids at home for the other) but I wonder about the need for the Firewall. I get all my internet stuff via a (BT) wireless modem which I understood contained a firewall - is it necesary to have another. The reason I ask is that I need the antivirus on 3 pcs and the cost is quite a bit different.
Thanks in advance


  johnnyrocker 11:14 28 Aug 2007

plenty of good free ones in the download section of this site i currently use sygate but others will differ according to preferences but baically there is no need to buy.


ps.machine might be a lot faster with norton off as a bonus

  [email protected] 11:37 28 Aug 2007

i find kaspersky 7 slows my system down more than norton 2007. if you need to speed the system up, and don't need a security suite, go with johnnyrocker and get avg and zone alarm for example. if you have a bt homehub you have a hardware firewall, i prefer to have hardware and software firewalls, it's all personal choice, if you have a security suite with av, anti spyware, anti phishing, rootkit detectors auto updates, anti spy, anti spam, a firewall, registry guard, and suspicitious behavior monitoring. it will slow the system down.
if you do it with free programs you'll have so many it would be a full time job to keep them updated, scans etc.
if you used avg/ avast free and your hardware firewall the pc would speed up but you would have minimal security. it all depends what security needs you want, i have used norton with xp for 14 months and get on fine with it and use kaspersky on my vista pc.
the only malware problem i had was a week after using avg free, something uninstalled the program.
this may be sheer coincidence, but stick with what works for you. you'll get differing advice from people because they will recommend what works for them, but you may use the pc in a very different way to them.

  simmo07 12:40 28 Aug 2007

click here is in my opinion the best, and doesnt starve the system of memory which is good when you run a slug of a machine like mine :)

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