Anti Virus -Cannot find virus pattern file/Currupt

  Flaterik 17:04 30 Aug 2003

Hi, After lots of problems with XP i have a clean copy of Win 98se on my comp, but if left turned off over night for example, it boots up with a message saying Pc-cillin cannot find virus pattern file! but if I then start pc-cillin it seems to work? It also freezes alot on tasks like right clicking on files?
I had a problem with AVG 6 on Win XP saying AVG is Corrupt as well as it booting to the blue screen of death and saying Windows/system/config is Corrupt! But if it didnt load to them it would get to the Welcome screen then reboot! over and over again.... any help on either Problem as i prefer Win XP

  xania 18:46 30 Aug 2003

I'm a little confused that you had one AV package on XP and another, apparently, on 98SE. Do you have both installed? If so, uninstall them both, u=using the suplpied uninstall or, better still , add/remove programs, then check and make sure ALL related folders are deleted, and then install ONE of them. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER install more than one AV product - they always cause clashes.

  Flaterik 19:07 30 Aug 2003

No no no, My copy of pc-cillin 7.5 (freeby from my bank) didnt work on xp so i had to use avg6. Both had up to date pattern files, so on Xp i had AVG 6 and on Win 98se I used Pc-cillin, But if say a virus is attacking the anti virus program by making it corrupt or deleting the pattern file, Would that virus be able to survive a reformat even Fdisk? to make it from one operating system to another? Did that make sence? this is hurting my head! :o(

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