anti virus btyahoo

  hackerballs 20:34 16 Mar 2006

at present I run norton antivirus which is due for renewal, I use BTYAHOO who offer anti virus software free,is it any good ? Derrick

  skidzy 20:54 16 Mar 2006

No Comment on BT AV software...but i think most will agree that AVast or AVG both free with Zonealarm also free works very well.
Also, these use no where near the resources norton uses,therefore better and quicker performance from your system.

  mike1967 21:53 16 Mar 2006

Think the BTYahoo free anti virus is AVG

  Zeppelyn 22:29 16 Mar 2006

No, BTYahoo is provided by CA Associates, I run it on a another PC running Win 2000 and it seems ok, updates regularly, no harm in trying out. Zone Alarm is their free Firewall app.

  bluto1 22:42 16 Mar 2006

I agree with skidzy. I`ve had Avast or AVG for some time now and with the other FREE anti malware I`ve got a clean PC, up till now.

  hackerballs 13:00 17 Mar 2006

thanks for advice

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