anti virus advice for a real novice!

  skizee 19:26 28 Aug 2008


i have done some searching on the forums and am more confused than when i started!
basically i have a new (well 6 month old) pc running XP. i have norton antivirus.

i am a bit paranoid about viruses and the like so try to stay away from web sites that may be dodgy, trouble is i dont know (apart from the obvious porn sites - im female so not interested anyway) i am not sure what else is risky.
also some of the threads talk about firewalls and having and in and out firewall. no idea what i have, how can i check? i have a dlink router with waitrose broadband.if that is any help.

i run scans quite often but every time i do it picks up numerous tracking cookies which it says are 'low risk' i get rid of them but the same ones keep appearing. my question is, is norton not getting rid of them properly or do i keep picking up the same thing from somewhere? they all start with 'vicki' which is my name. no idea where they could be coming from and are they a risk anyway?

  RobCharles1981 19:34 28 Aug 2008

Learn to use the "Search" feature at the top of this forum please work it out for yourself.

Look here for advice

click here

  wee eddie 20:05 28 Aug 2008

Rob's a bit OTT there, everyone has to start somewhere.

Almost all sites leave Cookies behind, most are totally harmless, many of them are the ones that remember which items you have viewed before.

Your Router will have a Firewall built-into the hardware, however most of us have a Software Firewall as well. Windows Firewall only Controls Items incoming from the Internet. While most of the recommended ones control both Incoming and Outgoing. This can be a bit of a nuisance to start with as it will keep asking you every time a new one of your Programs wants to access the Internet, typically to check for Updates.

I'll leave the recommendation of suitable Free (every bit as thorough as the stuff you Pay for) Software to the rest of the crew.

I use AVG, Zone Alarm, CCleaner & SuperAntispyware, all Free for Personal use.

  Marko797 20:53 28 Aug 2008

Wee eddie's correct, Rob was perhaps a bit dismissive the way he put things, but the link he provided is useful. It also provides links to where to get them. Well worth u reading.

I'd personally recommend the following:

Avast (anti-virus) don't have more than one anti-virus on your machine - free

Super Anti Spyware - free
A-Squared - free
Malware Bytes Anti Malware - free

Comodo Firewall - free

Spybot Search & Destroy - free

CCleaner - free

Armed with these, u shud be safe, so long as u update regularly, and scan regularly (maybe on a weekly basis).

  citadel 23:07 28 Aug 2008

tracking cookies are nothing to worry about, after each session on the net just right click on the e icon on the desktop and select properties, delete, from browsing history, and delete temp files and cookies. they will come back as they are used by all websites.

  RobCharles1981 23:45 28 Aug 2008

Sorry guys for that approach but this sort of topic is often asked on a daily bases and its often repeating ourselves all the time that's what the "search forum" is there for!!

  babybell 09:02 29 Aug 2008

You may feel you are repeating yourself but if thats the case then dont reply and leave it to someone else. This nice lady has come on here asking for help with something she is concerned with, she is in the right forum to ask for beginners help, only to be told "Learn to use the "Search" feature at the top of this forum please work it out for yourself" If everyone done that then we would never have any posts.

  skizee 11:51 29 Aug 2008

thank you. i must admit to being a bit surprised by the first reponse, as i did post on the beginners forum and i did at the start of the post say i had used the search tool, but i found so much info i was confused by it all!

thank you for all the helpful responses!

  NewestRoyWidd1 12:03 29 Aug 2008

skizee;If you decide to use the free anti-virus program suggested in Marko797's link(I use Avast too),please be sure to uninstall Norton first.
You can do that by using click here
Not only will you prevent the programs conflicting,but also it will free up resources as Norton is known for hogging them.

  wee eddie 17:16 29 Aug 2008

Keep Norton until closer to when you need to renew your subscription.

it is very good but it does slow your Computer down quite noticeably. If you then decide to change to another, this is what you need to do.

Download and Save the chosen new Anti-virus to your Desktop > Download and Save the Norton Uninstaller to your Desktop > Come off-line > Run the Uninstaller > Click on the new Anti Virus and select Run > When asked, put it where it suggests in Programs > The only thing to avoid is accepting either the Google or Yahoo Toolbar > Go on-line and let it Update and Run. Job done.

You may, later, decide it's Schedules. e.g. when you want it to update itself and when you want it to run. These can be easily changed if your first selection does not suit you.

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