Anti Virus Advice, Free or Paid?

  Cara2 22:23 29 Mar 2018

Currently using Kaspersky but expires today. As it is no longer free of charge from Barclays, I need to substitute, promptly.

Unsure whether it is really necessary to pay for an anti-virus or is a free version adequate?

Also need recommendations please. Running Windows 10 (on a Mac PC) but also need it on a work laptop also using Windows 10 and PC using Windows 7.


  Forum Editor 22:47 29 Mar 2018

I have used both the free and the Pro version of AVG for many years, and I have not had any virus infections on any of my machines in all that time.

The free version works effectively, it just doesn't have so many bells and whistles - none of which the average person needs in order to stay safe.

Keeping your computer free of trouble is 50% anti virus software and 50% commonsense.

  Forum Editor 22:49 29 Mar 2018

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  Govan1x 10:03 30 Mar 2018

Malwarebytes lifetime cheap on eBay.

  The Kestrel 10:14 30 Mar 2018

I have used AVG Free for many years, but recently found a good deal for their Internet Security on Ebay click here The key was sent within an hour and worked first time. Improvements over the free version include a cut down version of AVG Tune-up and the ability to turn off the annoying pop-up adverts you get on the free version.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:03 30 Mar 2018

Did you not get the offer to renew for 5 pounds?

If you have found Kaspersky to be Ok I suggest if you do not want to pay to renew then go for the free version of Kaspersky

  Cara2 18:52 30 Mar 2018

Thank you for all your replies.

I immediately downloaded AVG (free), as I was concerned my computer might be vulnerable. However, I seemingly now have a few days grace. And no, I haven't (yet) had any offers from Kaspersky but I would consider one.

Barclays withdrew Kaspersky for free, due to the Russian connection, I read or is this a myth? Would this really be a concern?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:47 30 Mar 2018

A globalcompany like Kaspersky would have too much to lose to be involved.

The bank remoed the free software because the government suggested British businesses not use russian software.

  Forum Editor 22:33 30 Mar 2018

All US government agencies and departments have been told that they must not use any software connected with Kaspersky labs, and the British government has been warned by the Director of the UK National Cyber Security Centre that in the interests of national security, government departments should not use Kaspersky products.

Rumours and counter rumours about Kaspersky having links with the Russian government have been flying thick and fast, and Barclays bank has made the decision to stop offering Kaspersky anti virus software to customers. The Barclays decision was taken in December 2017.

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