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  Sibbo 21:50 02 Aug 2005

I've just bought my son a new PC and it has come with AVG (free version) installed. The PC is not connected to the Internet so no updates will be available. Can they be downloaded from somewhere to my PC, copied to floppy disc etc. and then installed onto his? I was also thinking of possibly changing to Norton AV. Can this be updated in the same way as above? Does anybody have the web addresses for such an update to be carried out? Thanks

  Jackcoms 21:56 02 Aug 2005

To a certain extent, if you are not connecting to the internet, you will not need AV protection because it is from the internet (and e-mail) that most viruses come.

However, if that is the case you must also ensure that you do NOT plug things (such as floppy disks, CDs, DVDs) into your PC which are not from a trusted source.

Follow these simple rules and you won't need AV protection because you are not exposing your PC to virus sources.

  watchful 21:59 02 Aug 2005

There are so many regular updates from the anti-virus websites that it might be worth your son having an internet connection. I use Avast and it updates automatically almost every day. Also, is it really necessary to have anti-virus if there is no internet or e-mail?

  Pooke 22:01 02 Aug 2005

You can download the updates for AVG from the grisoft website and then point AVGfree to the updates manually. Haven't got a clue about manually updating Norton, had enough trouble with it in general that I ditched it for AVGfree.

  Belatucadrus 23:55 02 Aug 2005

click here AVG update download page.

I would still keep an updated AV, even if he's not Internet connected, he probably has friends who are and the little dears are quite capable of loaning him a CD or Floppy with the latest bug infested pile of doodoo they just got off their favourite P2P. So unless you've removed all card readers and disk drives, then filled the USB ports with epoxy resin, it's not virus proof.

  defenceman 01:04 03 Aug 2005

As your son has a PC you might as well have a good AV product installed. It's only a matter of time before he's on the net. You say you were thinking of changing to Norton, well go ahead. It is arguably the best of them all. It has never given me any problems and I would thoroughly recommend it. People like Pooke are always knocking it and if they have problems it's probably due to their computer mismanagement. Many forum members will happily testify to how good Norton is.

  Completealias 01:14 03 Aug 2005

In my opinion no need to pay for av I use avast click here here with no problems sits in the system tray and does what its suspose to.

AVG is also a good av and many people rate it I will be installing it on my laptop when it arrives as I won't be connecting that to the net and AVG can be manually updated. AVG actually picked up a trojan norton missed for me!

My av of choice is avast thou offers just a few more functions than AVG and if I was connecting my laptop to the net would use it on that also.

  mattyc_92 09:33 03 Aug 2005

Almost every AV software can be updated manually. AVG and Norton CAN have this done.

Norton's AV manual updates are at click here

AVG is at click here

Hope that helps.

  Belatucadrus 14:26 03 Aug 2005

"if they have problems it's probably due to their computer mismanagement"

Way too many people have problems with Norton for that to be true. Norton, particularly the Internet security package is a complex, almost invasive program, that works OK if the install routine works perfectly. When it doesn't it's a pig, and from a raft of postings on this forum, this happens rather too often. Combine this with it's resource hungry nature and Symantecs incomprehensible willingness to sell signature update packages to people with unsupported obsolete versions, makes Norton something I couldn't recommend to anybody.

  plough 18:35 03 Aug 2005

I have installed Norton on a number of computers, my own and family members, without any trouble, but I do acknowledge that it can give installation problems when being re-installed if the correct uninstall procedures are not followed. Some users just don't read the supplied manual. I believe I am correct in saying that if you have an unsupported obsolete version you can buy an upgrade. I agree it is invasive and resource hungry but it is very efficient. I am thinking of trying one or more of the freebies (obviously one at a time) as only then can one make comparisons.

  Pooke 20:33 03 Aug 2005

"if they have problems it's probably due to their computer mismanagement"

Not true, I haven't had my computer crash since I took off Norton Internet Security. It was a pain in the ass to say the least. Slowed my machine way down too, even with an XP3200 and 1024meg of RAM. My fiancees 6yr old one running ME was faster than it!

I bought the 2005 one with a years subscription, £35 it cost and I dumped it after 3 months. Just as, like you say, "Many forum members will happily testify to how good Norton is" even more will testify to the problems and issues they've had with the products. Just do a search in the archives.


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