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  [email protected] 22:49 15 Oct 2006

I recently had a computer health check, and the engineer noticed when scanning for virus that I had 4 within two applications, which I did not know as this anti virus program runs in the background when scanning and it did not come up with any problems when finish scanning,
The anti virus that I use is the AVG free edition, which is updated every day, the engineer tried to remove the infected program but it would not work, he then advice me to buy a well known brand like Norton or McAfee.
When I had a look at what programs was infected I noticed that there was 3 within a java program I think it is used for games, and the other was a worm called bofra description was from a cordless microphone which I don’t have, but it was a hidden file within my name of document and settings.
I manage to locate the Java program and then I un-install this program, which when scan again this had been removed from the virus scan but left with the worm bofra.
I bought a McAfee total protection which has 10-in-1 protection; I then removed the AVG Anti virus and the zone alarm from my computer before I installed the new one.
When come to scan the computer with the new product it did not come up with anything,
After a few days of the computer running normally when to come to switch the computer on, it would not come onto the welcome and then desktop, I had to sign in on the user name, and when I did this, other things went wrong, like my cordless mouse and keyboard stop working, it also slow down my connection to the internet and caused my wireless connections to stop working, etc, I had to re-install the thing to get them working again, so the McAfee caused a lot of bother, so I then decided to un-install the product and go back to re-install the AVG anti virus and the zone alarm as this did not cause these problems,
I then scan the computer again it still came up with the worm bofra as before which I thought that if this virus was on when I installed the McAfee software it would have detect it or get rid of it, but obviously not.
So I decided to take the computer back to its original factory settings and start again to re-installing application that I use most and hopefully that this will solve the problems which so far it has.
I would like to know how I come to get such a virus or where would it come from as I only have a software called talk it type it, and have headphones with microphone I do have a USB microphone for recording, but I cannot see how these can carry virus within them, so where or how I come to get this worm I don’t know. I wonder if you or anyone knows much about this, would be very interested to know and how to avoid this happening again.
Hope to hear from you very soon.

Thank you.

Lawrence Bradbury

  SANTOS7 22:57 15 Oct 2006

infected emails
click here
the suggestion wolud be that you have opened an email attachment containing thisworm at some time.

  DieSse 23:07 15 Oct 2006

AVG has a history of finding false positives (ie it thinks there's a virus but there isn't) in Java.

There should be a fix for this from AVG, and you should also make sure to keep the Sun Jave version up to date.

Bofra was a very common worm about 2 years ago, and all AV programs should find it. It is an exploit which has now been patched with a Windows update - so make sure your Windows is up-to-date. In the software for a cordless microphone is an odd place to find it. Perhaps it's yet another AVG glitch?

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