Foz1961 17:26 28 Nov 2003

Which anti virus software do people recommend? I have norton but not that impressed with it. I read lots of people talking about AVG, the free download, is it worth getting rid of norton and giving AVG a go. Or is there any other worth givin a try?
All contributions welcome

  Terrahawk 17:31 28 Nov 2003

Avast is good and its free for non comercial use
click here

  Jakey boy 17:31 28 Nov 2003

Is a good bet. It's just my opinion mind, but I have been using it for more than a year now, and am suitably impresed byt it. It's not as intrusive a Macafee, and less of a rip off too. Others may disagree of course, but i'd try it if I were you.

Good luck

  DieSse 17:37 28 Nov 2003

Check here - click here - the best detection record of any AV (accordibg to tests by the respected Virus Bulletin), and by far the fastest/least consuming of system resources.

  Robespiere 22:50 28 Nov 2003

Try antivir it is from a German company, it is free and extremely effective.I have never had any infections since i started using it.but you must keep up the updates to keep it effective

  DieSse 23:02 28 Nov 2003

"....and extremely effective.I have never had any infections since i started using it"

I don't doubt what you say - but how many different viruses have you encountered, and out of the many thousands around, would you regard your personal experience as an effective test? I've been sent around 20 to 30 different viruses over the last couple of years - no sort of test at all really, is it?

Independant tests against a wide variety of real viruses are, IMHO, the only way to show how effective an AV package is.

In the independant Virus Bulletins tests, the ONLY AV package to NEVER have missed a single virus in some 5 years of tests is click here

  Hoseman 23:26 28 Nov 2003

Do you have a link to these independent virus tests?

  DieSse 23:30 28 Nov 2003

The Virus Bulletin click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:42 28 Nov 2003

click here and you can test your own email from another 'independent' company....meh!, mine passed with teh flying colours (Grisoft AVG). Independent schmindependent.


  Belatucadrus 23:43 28 Nov 2003

Another vote for Alwils avast4 ! click here This has the best results on the Virus Bulletin tests click here for any free anti virus. The scan scheduler is disabled, but you can set it to scan during screensaver, updates are incremental and fully automatic. Highly recommended.

  DieSse 23:52 28 Nov 2003

I'm not sure what your point is?

The link you give simply checks whether you've got the MS security updates in place for certaun defects that a number of virus types exploit. That's a good idea, but no indication AT ALL about the goodness or otherwise of your AV siftware.

"Independent schmindependent." - who are you trying to belittle? - the Virus Bulletin? - you cannot be serious.

If you want to say most AV software picks up most viruses most of the time - well I agree entirely - but that's only part of the story.

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