anti trjan shield

  swanny3 22:40 09 Nov 2004

hi there can any 1 advise me what do next please i did a scan an found this ... Virus "DK2.2Setup" detected in c:\WINDOWS\Desktop\isnk.exe Virus "Ccobra.v1.0.server" detected in c:\My Documents\my downloads\Sky_Fire_Demo.exe 22:22.07 1st time ived used this but it gave me now options too remove them. help needed plz ....

  VoG II 22:43 09 Nov 2004

Exactly what is the name of the program that detected this. It seems to be a snooker game.

  swanny3 22:49 09 Nov 2004

ye i do have a snooker game ive had on for 6 months . the programi used too detect this was called Anti-Trojan Shield

  VoG II 22:57 09 Nov 2004

Try a scan with a² click here

  swanny3 22:58 09 Nov 2004

this is it .
click here

i think the sky-fire-demo was a game i downloaded but the snooker game is
click here
and the downnload was isnk.exe.

  swanny3 23:05 09 Nov 2004

vog what 1 do i download number 1 2 3 or 4 ?
in a2 site . tx

  VoG II 23:07 09 Nov 2004

Any they are just alternatives.

  britto 23:13 09 Nov 2004

have a look here click here they may be false alarms from your AV Anti-Trojan Shield they seem to recommend
submitting the files to there help forum personaly I would download AVG and use that.

  swanny3 23:33 09 Nov 2004

ok Vog i downloaded a2 did a scan in my Downloads and it found no malaware. hmm. what now m8.

  swanny3 23:56 09 Nov 2004

hi Britto i downloaded avg as well an it found 7 things 6 not critical 1 was dangerouseBonzi Buddy lol.And to delete them i have too purchase avg... ah well tku anyway

  britto 00:06 10 Nov 2004

With AVG where does it say you have to purchacse to delete anything I have not known this before

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