Anti-Static ESD Mats - Your Views

  MatMan99 11:09 11 Jan 2018

Hi all,

Thinking of getting an ESD Anti Static Mat and wanted to get your views. I've found this ESD Mat but is this the price you'd expect to pay? I'm sure I can get them cheaper on eBay but should I be worried about how effective they are?

What are your thoughts and experiences?

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  Belatucadrus 12:06 11 Jan 2018

What makes you think you need one ? Are you into PC manufacture or maintenance on a big scale or do you have a static problem caused by nylon carpets ?

For most of us I'd say it was overkill, depends on why you want it and what you hope to achieve.

  MatMan99 12:24 11 Jan 2018

Thanks for the reply. Actually I'm thinking of building a computer for the first time and it got me thinking about it. My wife has built a computer and she said you just need to touch the casing to ground yourself before touching a component, but what if you forget? So I wondered if other people had got a mat, or done anything differently?

  Belatucadrus 12:33 11 Jan 2018

When I made mine I found a cheap Anti Static wrist band more than adequate. Other people have simply touched a radiator on occasions to ground themselves. It's up to you but in my opinion for a one off build the mat is overkill, more required for people working on PCs full time.

  alanrwood 13:10 11 Jan 2018

Belatucadrus is right. Total overkill for building a few PCs. Anti static wrist band is the most you should need. If you are really worried just make sure you ground the computer case to the same point as the wrist band or just use a piece of tin foil as a mat then throw it away.

  MatMan99 13:44 11 Jan 2018

Thanks guys, that's cleared things up now :-)

  wee eddie 14:09 11 Jan 2018

Are your carpets Natural Fibre (wool) or Manmade Fibre (nylon).

If the second, you need to be very conscientious about grounding yourself.

If the first, you should not have a problem

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