Anti-spyware/adware replacement

  Batch 08:40 23 Jul 2009

I current use free versions of Avast AV, Spybot S&D and Ad-Adware AE (having just upgraded from the previous version of AD-Aware). Don't really run into any problems with malware (and so can't say that I'm actually dissatisfied with what I have), but was thinking that it might be time to dump Spybot and Ad-Aware for something(s) less bloated, more efficient and more efficacious (but still free).

Now, I know that many of the anti-malware apps have broadened their reach considerably and there is a risk of unnecessarily overburdening one's system with duplicated / excessive protection, but at the same time it can be difficult to determine the real reach of any these apps. SpySweeper is high on my list of candidates, so bearing in mind the foregoing, would SpySweeper be an appropriate replacement for both SpyBot and Ad-Aware?

BTW PCs are desktop (3GHz P4, XP Pro, 1GB, 160GB) and lappie (1.73GHz Centrino, XP Pro, 512MB, 60GB).

  Technotiger 09:08 23 Jul 2009

Probably not much help to you - but, my first thoughts are ..... if it aint broke, don't fix it !!

'Twould be different if you had been having problems.

  birdface 09:42 23 Jul 2009

2nd thoughts are.If you stay with Spybot and Ad-aware it will not be long before you are in trouble.I would Remove both and replace them with Malwarebytes[free] and A Squared[free].Tried Spysweeper before and was not impressed with it.Mind you that was about 4 years ago.
I think best of the freebies at the moment are Malwarebytes.A Squared and Superantispyware.
You get fed up after a while with the same problem [but I have a security suite and Spybot and Ad-aware.]But I am afraid it is not good enough nowadays.Avast is supposed to be about the best free Anti-Virus so you should be ok with that.Just upgrade your Anti-Spyware programs.

  Batch 09:56 23 Jul 2009

Thanks for your thoughts.

The attraction is partly the thought of replacing 2 apps (Spybot and Ad-Aware) with one (more efficient one) that has as good or better coverage. Also, I've seen posts on here that haven't be overly complimentary about Spybot of late and I think of it as being rather clunky (to say the least) by today's standards. Similarly, Ad-Aware has been slated a number of times on recent posts in this forum.

I mentioned SpySweeper as it seems to be highly rated on some review sites (but, I know, can one believe these?).

Anyhow, same question arises with Malwarebytes, Superantispyware and ASquared - are each of them good enough to replace both Spybot and Ad-Aware?

  T I M B O 10:02 23 Jul 2009

I personally think that Ad-Aware is no way as good as it used to be many years ago. The latest software to use and it's extremly good is Malwarebytes. Because you have been scanning with Ad-Aware and found nothing does not mean to say you dont have problem, more likely that Ad-Aware just does not work as good as it used to. Here is the link for Malwarebytes>> click here

Install, Update & run in safe mode. If you wish to know why running in safe mode is a good idea, then watch this when you have time>> click here

  cocteau48 11:56 23 Jul 2009

Because of its heuristic scanning principles (it will pick up on things which display the characteristics of malware but may well be 100% OK) ASquared has a tendency to throw up a lot of false positives.

Only last week it found two trojans on my system which I was sure were false positives. Rather than delete then I quarantined them and sure enough with the next ASquared update it rescanned the quarantined items and found them both to be false positives.

A bit scary if you are not familiar with its tendency to do this.

  birdface 12:43 23 Jul 2009

Yes I agree with you with the false positives from A squared but they are usually rectified with the next days course this is no good to someone that has already deleted them and finds that their computer is acting strangely.I always quarantine any objects found on any of my security programs for the same reason.Avg has the same problem with false positives.
I had the paid version of A squared until recently but cannot really afford to renew it.It is sadly missed and I do not feel so confident now when browsing though Google.This rescanning of the Quarantine folder on start up must be fairly new with A Squared but it works well.

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