Anti spyware prog causing problem???

  Meshuga 07:52 26 May 2007

Is it possible that an anti spyware prog could conflict and cause a problem on my pc. I am running XP home edition sp2. Have run all the usual scans and nothing found. Problem with booting up seemed to start after downloading spyware doctor.

  ICF 07:54 26 May 2007

Have you got the run scan on window start up box ticked?

  Meshuga 08:03 26 May 2007

ICF, No, I run the scan when I want it, it is not scheduled.

  cocteau48 08:15 26 May 2007

Good morning Meshuga
No harm in unistalling Spyware Doctor to see if that does the trick. I would hope that you still have the original download somewhere on your system if you want to reinstall it again.
I tried Spyware Doctor myself and whereas I did not have problems at start up it did seem to slow things down a bit - so I decided it was not foe me.

  birdface 08:22 26 May 2007

Yes ,Spyware Doctor will hog your computer at start up,The only way to stop it,Is to cancel Automatically run at start up,Unfortunately this stops your real time protection,But you can run it when you want to run it,Its a great program to have as a back up, I just ran it when I wanted,That way your computer will not be sluggish on start up.

  birdface 08:30 26 May 2007

If I remember right ,You have to stop it scanning at start up,And you have to turn real time protection off.And just use it as a normal Spyware program,I think it only does a short scan at start up and you have to program it to do a full scan,When you start up,Go into Task Manager to see what is running,It may be a conflict with something else on your computer,Your not having the best of luck at the moment,

  p;3 10:34 26 May 2007

you have not stated what other protection programs you have on there that might also be clashing? and to ask a maybe obvious question , how many antivirus programs do you have on board and what are they?

  Meshuga 11:50 26 May 2007

cocteau48, Thanks for your reply, I have found, as you did, that it slows everything down and I have removed it completely and the speed is back to normal. I am now trying to find an email address for pctools to ask for my money back. I can`t find one on their web site and can`t get their support either.

  Meshuga 11:54 26 May 2007

Thanks buteman,as you will see from my reply above to cocteau48, I have removed it entirely from my pc and am able to boot up now.

  Meshuga 12:03 26 May 2007

p;3, Thanks for replying. I have only one AV and that is NAV, I have spyware progs Adaware, A2, spybot, Superantispyware,Spywareblaster,and windows defender. All those have been running happily for years. My problem started after downloading spyware doctor. pctools give a guarantee with it so I will try and recover my money.

  birdface 12:55 26 May 2007

Its a pity.It was one of the best programs that I had.Then they stopped the free version,There have been a lot of complaints about the new version because it slows computer down at start up,I used to by pass it at start up,And just use it when needed.XoftSpy is a good program.But a bit slow with the up-dates,If there was one program that I would have on my computer it would be Spyware Doctor,Everyone has got there own favorites, S/Doc is mine.

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