Anti Spam Email program

  [DELETED] 10:26 21 Oct 2003

Hi Folks,

Can someone recommend a good Email anti-spam program which will run on Windows NT, it does not need to be free, but does need to be simple to setup and use.



  [DELETED] 10:35 21 Oct 2003

Spambunker - click here

May not be the simplest in the world to set up - but the instructions are fine.

Better yet, it works 100% at stopping Spam. No misses, no false detections.

  [DELETED] 10:49 21 Oct 2003

I've been using e-mailfiltering click here and had no more spam. It costs £3.75 a month.

  bretsky 10:58 21 Oct 2003

Mailwasher is brilliant, it's very easy to use and gives you an overview of your entire mailbox without even having to open OE, basic vers works with pop3 accounts only, and you can blacklist email as it arrives etc etc and set up your own rules. A godsend!!!!!!!!!And all 10${just over £6}

  [DELETED] 11:35 21 Oct 2003

Thanks for the suggestions, will check them out and hopefully use one of them.



  Bald Eagle 09:10 02 Nov 2003

Tried Spambunker and gave up, it blocked everything including e mails I sent to myself to check the system. Easy to set up but in my opinion I prefer Mailwasher.

  [DELETED] 16:13 02 Nov 2003

Bald Eagle - you didn't read the instructions then - it's SUPPOSED to block everything - except the email addresses you've pre-allowed, and anyone new who confirms they're a real live sender. The confirmation request is handled automatically by SpamBunker - you don't need to do anything.

That's why it works so well! It doesn't rely on filters, and you don't need to manually check your messages and decide what you want to get.

  Border View 17:38 02 Nov 2003

I've found since introducing "rules" under Outlook Express to only receive incoming e-mail specifically addressed to my e-mail address spam has disappeared. I was receiving up to 250 spam a week - now - nuthing. Wished I'd discovered these rules before paying Tiscalli ?4.99 for Mail Secure. OK that may be helping, but feel sure its by using rules under Outlook Express which has done the trick.

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