Anti spam advice

  chrisbenwalker 21:14 29 Oct 2006

I am getting roughly 150 Spam emails a day and am trying to find a suitable spam filter that works.

I have tried Mailwasher and since updated to latest version I can't seem to get it configured to work with Outlook Express, it was fine before, and cant seem to find the version I had before....

I have also tried Spamweed, which worked a treat for a very short while, then decided to let all mails through even though no settings had been changed.

Has anyone got any advice about what to go for? Maybe someone is currently using a program that works really well?

Any recommendations, paid for or free, would be appreciated.

  sugarbabe 21:18 29 Oct 2006

I have installed mail washer many times to work with outlook express and used their recommended keywords which you can download.

HAve you tried uninstalling and reinstalling to see if it will then work with Outlook express?

  chrisbenwalker 21:27 29 Oct 2006

I have reinstalled a few times and all I keep getting when I try to check mail is "connection timed out (possibly due to firewall"

I have stopped zonealarm, and still no joy.

All settings seem to be ok and have run the setup wizard but still no joy.

  sugarbabe 21:34 29 Oct 2006

What antivirus are you using?

  chrisbenwalker 21:36 29 Oct 2006

Norton 2005

  sugarbabe 21:45 29 Oct 2006

There is a reference to mailwasher and Norton I found on net which you may find helpful:

Q. I'm having problems with MailWasher connecting to the internet, what can I do?
A. Error: Could not connect to the internet, or DNS failed.

1. Go to the control panel, click on 'Internet options' and then go to the 'connections' tab and make sure 'Always dial my default connection' is selected.

2. If you're running a version of Nortons Antivirus earlier than 2002, you'll notice a 'nortons reference' in the POP account settings. It will look like this - ''. Remove the Norton references from the account info and just use your normal POP connection details. This won't affect your system security as MailWasher only checks messages on the server in text mode so viruses and scripts can't be run. Nortons AV will catch anything else when you download the email through your e-mail client.

3. Make sure you can receive POP3 emails. There are other Internet connection protocols available but which MailWasher does not support at present, although POP3 is by far the most common.

  sugarbabe 21:46 29 Oct 2006

Does Norton 2005 have firewall if so check that is configured.

Also does Norton 2005 have anti - spam?

I'm wondering if you have too many programs doing the same jobs.

  chrisbenwalker 21:55 29 Oct 2006

Thanks, I'll give this a go. Norton 2005 does not have a firewall built in. As far as I know, it is the internet security suite that has this. Mine is just the anti virus package. I'll let you know how I get on.

  birdface 22:25 29 Oct 2006

If it is Norton Internet security, 2005, That one has a firewall in it.

  birdface 22:28 29 Oct 2006

Retract that last comment,he Has already confirmed it was the anti-virus that he had,Sry

  chrisbenwalker 22:28 29 Oct 2006

No, mine is not the suite, it is just anti virus.

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