anti-phishing software

  pollpott 16:35 06 Dec 2005

Is it worth using this on a home computer or is it enough to simply ignore anything that looks suspicious as i have done so far?

  Mavericke 17:36 06 Dec 2005

I think it is a great idea to install such softwares on a home computer. I have no idea of such softwares. Can you please recommend one for me? Thanks

I think the best policy is to ignore anything that is suspicious.

  Nellie2 21:56 06 Dec 2005

Spoofstick is ok click here It comes in IE and Firefox flavours. But... never rely on anything other than your commond sense. As has been previously mentioned. Ignore anything that seems suspicious.

If you get an email from your bank or from Ebay etc and you are worried about it, don't click on the link in the email... go straight to your log in page the way that you normally would, from your favourites or a desktop shortcut and check it out that way.

  pollpott 06:15 07 Dec 2005

Thanks for the comments, the reason i asked is that i read the item on pc advisor home page yesterday about ebay's technical staff apparently being fooled by such a scam and there was a link to Netcraft for an antiphishing program. Or was that just part of another, even more elaborate scam?? Am i really on pcadvisor website...? This is the road to paranoia.

  J B 16:17 07 Dec 2005

pollpot; If I remember right there was an item about The Netcraft Toolbar written in PCA about six or so months back maybe even longer which stated something to the effect that since there was so many phishing scams that there was a toolbar (Netcraft) that could be downloaded at click here for free that could be installed in both Firefox and IE.

That said I could only install it in F/F because in IE it would cause IE to crash, but in Firefox it has worked OK since it was installed. Go to their website and read about it, then decide. J.B.

  g0slp 00:02 09 Dec 2005

& as far as I'm concerned the only software needed to avoid being phished is the soft stuff between your ears...

As Nellie2 says, common sense does it.

  SG Atlantis® 09:07 09 Dec 2005

I prefer my own senses to that of a toolbar. If the site looks dodgy I won't sign in.

Also when I need to log in to what ever, bank ebay, amazon etc I will not click links in especially emails to get me there. I type the URL into the address bar myself.

I constantly run click here and all my anti-bad stuff programs.

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