Anti-Keylogger 5.2

  OllieHall 10:50 11 Mar 2005

Hi there,

This morning i decided to install the free version of Anti-Keylogger from your cover disc released a month or two ago. But unfortunately i've had some problems.

Following installation the Anti-Keylogger appears to run, then crashes the system generating a windows error screen stating that a file (i think it was scramble.sys) had tried to write to a read-only area (please bear with me over the wording - I did this before coming into work today & my memory isn't quite as clear!). It staes that I need to shutdown and consider shutting down any hardware that may be causing problems.

I can boot up ok, but wh I try and run anti-keylogger it states that the kernal is not installed, and that i need to reinstall the program. This does not help, and produces the same problem as described above.
Plus, when trying to run the uninstaller to remove any components that have been installed, it also tells me that i cannot do so as the kernal is not installed.

Any advice please? - having had a think about it, i was wondering whether it may be worth trying to reinstall from a different source on the web.


  rômanab 11:07 11 Mar 2005

I don't think it is free click here click here

It looks like shareware with a $59.99 price tag to buy it.

Maybe thats the problem??

  rômanab 11:08 11 Mar 2005

If you wish to get rid of it use system restore.

  rômanab 11:11 11 Mar 2005

Looks like there is a version 6 click here

  OllieHall 11:14 11 Mar 2005

Ok. When I get home, i'll try and install version 6.

If that doesn't work, I'll try system restore. I'm very new to XP (ie a week and a half!) - how do I go about that?


  VoG II 11:16 11 Mar 2005

Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore

  OllieHall 11:26 11 Mar 2005

How far back will that take the system?

I'm I likely to lose anything that i want to keep?

ie. other installations & files created?

  VoG II 11:28 11 Mar 2005

It will show you a calendar with available restore points highlighted in blue. Click on the nearest one before you installed the program.

  OllieHall 11:32 11 Mar 2005

That sounds fine. - i think I may have read about that facility - does windows create the restore points automatically?

rômanab - you may be right about the price tag - i'll double check tonight, but the pcadvisor disc implies it's a less functional version.

  VoG II 11:36 11 Mar 2005

Assuming that System Restore is turned on (which it is by default) it should create points approximately once a day and when you install new software.

  OllieHall 11:39 11 Mar 2005

Excellent. Thanks everyone for your advice.

- I'm realy enjoying getting to grips with my new pc. Even the learning how to deal with the small hiccups is interestin - my previous pc was a bit fairly elderly, and to run a faster more stable system is a real pleasure.

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