parkhead 21:28 04 Feb 2007

I read somewhere that it is possible to download free software which alerts you if a hacker is accessing your computer remotely. Anyone know anything about this?

  skidzy 21:33 04 Feb 2007

If you have a half decent firewall,you should be ok.

  SANTOS7 21:36 04 Feb 2007

Any good free firewall like Zonealarm is more than enough, you have more chance of being struck by lightning than any body hacking your PC.
Hackers are not interested in home users.
When a PC or small business is connected to the Internet through DSL or a Cable modem and a router is installed, the router usually provides the firewall function that is sufficient to protect most small networks. Such firewall protection may need to be configured and activated in the router. This protection is sufficient (as long as the virus scanning software is maintained) to prevent a hacker from installing malware on your PC.

  parkhead 21:30 05 Feb 2007

Hi Guys,

Thak you very much for your kind assistance.

I go to Control Panel / Security Centre and it tells me that Windows Firewall is ON.

I also run Avast anti-virus and Spybot.

You guys reckon I'm safe enough at that.

Kind regards,


  Technotiger 21:36 05 Feb 2007

Hi, I would advise you to get either Zone Alarm or Kerio Free firewall. Much better than Windows own.

  big bloke66 21:39 05 Feb 2007

I second Technotigers advice.

  SANTOS7 21:40 05 Feb 2007

I thirded it then!!

  parkhead 21:40 05 Feb 2007


  tullie 21:41 05 Feb 2007

I fourth that,but turn off windows firewall

  parkhead 21:46 05 Feb 2007

Hi Tullie,

So I turn off Windows Firewall and then download Zone Alarm?

Kind regards,


  big bloke66 21:46 05 Feb 2007

No worries, but as tullie says make sure you disable Windows firewall as they might conflict with each other.

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