Antec 620w psu

  jack1988 21:35 01 Jan 2013

I was wondering if this PSU will be ok and be enought wats for a gtx 660ti sc and a intel 15 3570k and a z77 sabertooth and a 1TB WD caviar black and a 128gb ssd :) ?

  Ian in Northampton 21:48 01 Jan 2013

At a guess - and PSUs are a bit of a black art as far as I'm concerned - the answer is 'yes'. It looks like, with average gaming, the 660 draws up to about 140 watts. Given that the Antec PSU is a pretty good one, I'd say you should be OK.

  Ian in Northampton 21:51 01 Jan 2013

That should be a nice machine, btw... :-)

  jack1988 22:38 01 Jan 2013

Thanks buddy yea im building it at the end of this week the case is a bitfenix colossus with 16GB corsair vengenance with a 212 evo cpu cooler :)

  Chronos the 2nd 13:23 02 Jan 2013

More than enough. Nice case but it is big and more suited to water cooling.

I used to use big cases when building my rigs but my current one,just finished is in a much smaller case, why have I gone smaller well I always seem to be upgrading and so have to move the case frequently and I am not getting any younger so weight was an issue. This rig sits beside me and is silent as I can get it. I dropped the voltage on the fans so that they turn much slower but more silently and still shift plenty of air through the case.

My specs.//Lian Li V354A//MSI H77MA-G43//I5 2500K //Arctic Cooling Freezer 11 //8GB XMS3 Classic 1600 MHz//Asus Direct CU 11 GTX 670//128GB Crucial m4//2 x 1TB HDD//Corsair AX 650 PSU//Dell U2711//Dell U2410//2 x BitFenix Spectre PWM 120mm Blue LED Fan//1 x BitFenix Spectre PWM 140mm Blue LED Fan.

  nickf 14:20 02 Jan 2013

Nice system , 620 W should be more than enough . I run a 3770k overclocked , gtx680sc , 16 Gb vengeance ram ,5 fans ,and liquid cooling on a sabertooth MoBo with a 650 W PSU , never had any issues . Nice case , bit too many lights for my personal taste , but should look pretty cool when all up and running . good luck .

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