Antec 180 v. Antec Sonata II

  misery 07:56 12 Aug 2006

Just need a really quiet PC. Do not use it for games and, have no intention of upgrading the system until the end of next year. Anyone with ideas for the best case from these two as they seem to be the quietist around?

  vinnyT 13:52 12 Aug 2006

Without a doubt the P180, quiet and (from another mags test with thermal imaging kit from the raf) extremly heat efficient.

The only bugbear that I have heard of regards this case, is that your psu has to have sufficiently long cables to reach the power slots on the mobo, this is because the psu is positioned at the bottom of the case, not the top like most cases.

The Sonata II looks good as well, but I can't comment on its' use as I've never seen one in the flesh.

Hope this helps.

  DieSse 17:15 12 Aug 2006

For a really quiet system, as well as a good case, you need a

Really quiet PSU

Really quiet processor cooler

Really quiet case fans.

The best way is often to get the best of each, seperately from the case. Generally the larger and slower the fans, the quiter they are.

If you spend enough you can even get a totally fanless system - which would be silent.

Good selection of quiet products here click here

Don't rely on product descriptions that say quiet - look at the noise figures - 15dBA or less can really be considered almost silent.

  misery 20:28 13 Aug 2006

Thanks for the info, but I would (like Oliver Twist) prefer a little more if there's someone who has either case, please.

  Ashrich 23:46 14 Aug 2006

Currently using the Sonata Mk1 , best and quietest case I have ever had , in conjunction with a fanless graphics card , and 2 120mm fans connected to the power supply fan speed controller it very efficient and makes just a pleasant whisper .


  misery 14:40 15 Aug 2006

Many thanks Ashley, that's the type of answer I was really looking for; someone whith the "experience". Thanks again.

  vinnyT 14:51 15 Aug 2006

Well forgive me for making the effort, I won't bother next time.

  misery 19:42 17 Aug 2006

Sorry VinnyT, your info following the note from Ashrich, really made up my mind. And the note from DieSse regarding spending a lot of money also sealed my mind :-)

  Zeppelyn 21:01 17 Aug 2006

Well i can let you know about the Sonata II over the weekend as Ive one coming tomorrow. Best price I found was from

  tes 22:44 17 Aug 2006

Have got sonata II. Nice case but not very quiet

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