Answering polls on this forum

  Andsome 08:30 06 Nov 2011

When I accessed the forum today, there was a question asking whether I backed up my data. I answered it and was asked to tweet my answer. I choose NOT to get involved with tweeting or face booking. WHY do so many websites now try to force people to join up to these forums when we DON'T WANT TO? Even my energy supplier now exhorts me to join one of these site.


  birdface 09:29 06 Nov 2011

Maybe use an ad-blocker and you won't get messages like that.I don't.

  Andsome 10:01 06 Nov 2011

I was happy to take the poll but did not want to get involved with twittering to post the reply.

  Armchair 10:06 06 Nov 2011

I see the question you mean. It's an Hitachi advert with a grim faced 'suit' plastered on it. I'll give that a wide berth.

  Peter 10:18 06 Nov 2011


I agree with you about all these other service like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc., inviting you to join them. I just ignore them.

If someone wants to contact me, then they can do so by email (or telephone, or even paper letter). I've been using email, of some sort, since 1986 (Telecom Gold) and it still serves my purpose.

Until there is some overwhelming advantage I don't need to join any electronic Social Clubs to boost my ego!


  Nontek 11:14 06 Nov 2011


I too entirely agree with you, I have sometimes thought that 'surely I can't be the only one who dislikes (being kind here) these sites' .....

  Andsome 08:20 07 Nov 2011

Glad I'm not alone on this matter. As I said, even EDF energy now want me to join one of these sites.

  Woolwell 11:20 07 Nov 2011

It isn't a PCA poll these are found at PCA polls and can be difficult to find without the link asking for opinions in Speakers Corner. The others like the one asking about back ups are ads and best avoided.

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