answer phone not working with Broadband

  dabthoms 18:52 16 Jun 2005

have recently gone on to broadband, with the filter in the phone socket it doesn't interfere with the telephone but the telephone answering machine doesn't activate, if I take the filter out I have a poor reception on the phone but the answer machine activates.
Does anyone have any idea what I can do please to have a good reception on the phone and have the answering machine activating.
The answering machine is built into the phone.

  anchor 16:43 18 Jun 2005

I have a Panasonic combined answer phone/telephone and there is no problem on my ADSL line here. The phone is connected to the filter, and both the phone & the answerphone work fine.

It must be something to do with your equipment; Check with the manufacturer.

  dabthoms 17:42 18 Jun 2005

Thanks Anchor, I'll do that.

  spuds 23:43 18 Jun 2005

I use a Philips answerphone in conjunction with a Sharp's combined telephone-fax machine via a filter. Works okay for me, after making some minor adjustments via the instruction manual.If you are running off extentions or long cable runs, then this can sometimes effect performance.

  Enoch 06:40 19 Jun 2005

I have just solved this problem for a friend. Just reduce the amount the amount of rings the phone will give before the answerphone kicks in. Your problem has nothing to do with Broadband.

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