Another wireless network question.....

  nkosi 14:32 20 Nov 2004

I've been following the recent posts about setting up a wireless network and, despite the frequent difficulties encountered by some, I think I might have a go. But could anybody clarify a couple of points for me? I intend buying a modem/router and connecting a desktop with XP/SP2 and a laptop with Me. Is it preferable/essential for the desktop to use an ethernet connection to the router? I'll have to fit a PCI card to it either way, but a wireless card would give me flexibility about moving the PC. Also, would networking XP and Me be likely to cause me a lot of grief?

  Forum Editor 14:55 20 Nov 2004

(and they often are) it makes sense to use the ethernet connection. You'll use it initially to configure the router anyway, and you will gain nothing (apart from mobility) if you revert to a wireless adapter. Of course you'll have to do that if you want to move the PC or the router at any stage.

A lot of grief if you run a mixed XP and ME network? There's no reason why that should be the case, but take a tip from me - when you run the home networking wizard on the desktop say 'yes' to the option to have WinXP create a networking floppy disk. It will contain all the necessary configuration settings, and you simply run it on the ME machine.

  nkosi 15:36 20 Nov 2004

Sounds like good advice. Many thanks, I'll do what you say.

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