Another what laptop question

  KRONOS the First 15:56 22 May 2012

I am looking for a smallish laptop around 11.6 screen size. Must have plenty of RAM and a reasonable HDD.

The small laptop really does not need to do much play film at a reasonable standard a bit of Office stuff, the hardest game perhaps Angry Birds or Plants vs Zombies and the like. I quite like the look of these which are about what I want to pay.



Or is there anything else I should be looking at?

By the way I am a laptop virgin so be gentle with me.

  birdface 16:08 22 May 2012


Probably just me but none of those 2 click here's will open for me.Just a line on it that says click here to go to the Amazon home page.

  KRONOS the First 16:22 22 May 2012

Thanks buteman. Not sure what happened.Try again.



  birdface 16:36 22 May 2012

Yes working fine now.Sorry can't help you with your choice of laptops but no doubt there will be others that can.

  rdave13 16:45 22 May 2012

Another one to consider,hp-pavilion

Shows battery life as 5hrs so should be good for 4. Compare the specs of each.

  rdave13 17:00 22 May 2012

Looks like the HP has a slightly faster CPU and slightly better graphics but they're much of the same I think. I would go for the HP but that's just my preference.

  KRONOS the First 17:11 22 May 2012


My only experience with HP is a printer and it was the worst bit of kit I have ever owned and HP's customer service was appalling. I eventually gave the printer to someone on Freecycle after only three months and went back to Epson. I tend to steer well clear of companies when I have found that they have rubbish customer service. Though this seems to becoming more difficult as customer service seems way down the list of companies aims these days. Or may be I am old school in believing that good service should be a priority.

But it won't hurt to look.Thanks.

  KRONOS the First 17:13 22 May 2012


I should have clicked your link first before my previous reply. PC World as well as HP a marriage made in hell.LOL.

  KRONOS the First 17:20 22 May 2012

Lenovo has the same chip, the E-450, which I have been advised to go for, and a HD 6310m GPU the HP has a 6320 which is nothing to compare.

So Lenovo looking favorite at the moment.

  john bunyan 17:37 22 May 2012

I always reply the same, as my repair shop guy is very good. He says think spares and service are is important and Toshiba and Asus are good in this respect, and I would recommend John Lewis (2 year warranty free) and Toshiba of your choice in the price you need.. Although a laptop virgin, your advice here on technical issues is much appreciated!

  rdave13 17:47 22 May 2012

I've always have gone for HP laptops and have had no problems so never had to use customer services. Usually buy them off the shelf at PCWorld also. I would never buy a HP printer only Epson. Speak as you find I suppose though my 'local' PC World store are pretty good. If you're going for the Lenovo might as well buy it from here and get a two year guarantee.

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