Another Upgrade Question..

  BaboonBoy22 14:32 25 May 2005

I want to upgrade my machine.. bigger RAM, larger hard drive (Internal or External), new processor, graphics card, case etc. After doing all of this, will I need a new mother board as well? Which leads me to thinking should I just build a new machine from scratch? I am completely new to all of this (apart from changing my optical drive, but that doesn't really count) so I'm a bit stuck as to which path to take. Any suggestions?

  961 14:38 25 May 2005

You don't give the spec of your existing machine but your reasoning is correct

click here will give you an indication of whether you feel you want to have a go

It's not hard but you do need to take care and not try to do the whole thing in 2 hours the first time

Initially it is a good idea to buy a motherboard bundle )mobo, cpu, mamory assembled and testedfor your first machine, as the tricky bits have been done for you

  Noelg23 14:38 25 May 2005

well what motherboard are u using right now and will it take any of the new parts you want to install?

  BaboonBoy22 13:54 26 May 2005

I am away from home at the mo, so i dont have all the exact details to hand. But it's an emachine, 256Mb RAM, 80Gb HDD, Celeron 2.6GHz. I'm afraid that's all I can remember - which probably doesn't help much

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:08 26 May 2005

Always go for an external HD. Easier to use (Gb size is irrelevant, can be swapped to another computer and can be easily moved elsewhere for safety. Internal drives are not terribly clever for backups or for extra storage.


  TomJerry 14:41 26 May 2005

but add more RAM will help

if you play a lot of big boy's games, a good graphics card will be desirable

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