Another TV Card Installation Problem - Help?

  lindy 22:20 24 Jul 2003

I bought a Medion TV card but the instructions are appalling. I managed to get the radio to work and I have connected the TV cable, which works as I checked it on a TV, but I can't get it to scan for channels.

Anyone any ideas?

  bab5 22:49 24 Jul 2003

did you install power vcr11 that came with the card,

fire up the program and click on the system settings on the power vcr panel(it looks like a hammer and nail, just next to the led type icon that says TV).

in the panel that pops up click on channels, then auto-scan, this then should scan for any tv stations that can be picked up.

or if you bring up the power vcr panel and look on the right hand side, you will see a little arrow, click on this and a new panel should pop out to the right,if you click on the magnification glass icon, this should also scan for any available channels.


Ps it also works if you hook it up to your sky box, plug it into the second ariel out socket, then enable it in the sky box settings,works a treat

  lindy 12:04 13 Sep 2003

I've been trying for the last few weeks but I still can't get this blasted card to work. The scan channel button is not highlighted and I still can't get any TV channels - should I reinstall?

Any help would be appreciated.

  john-232317 14:52 13 Sep 2003

Wasnt bab5s info any help ???

If not try un-install, then re-install,follow bab5 info if still no go, take it back for replacement.

  SEASHANTY 14:59 13 Sep 2003


  SEASHANTY 15:10 13 Sep 2003

There is another report on the Medion TV card posted by tag1_uk click here
its towards the bottom of the page. Not same prob as yours tho.

  lindy 20:00 13 Sep 2003

I've tried the solution that Bab_5 gave but as I said the card doesn't give the facility for a scan. Could it be because I'm not geting a good enough TV signal from my aeriel? I actually have a TV sitting beside it and the reception there is fine.

Any help woulod be appreciated and I did not the advice on tag1_uk 's reply

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