Another trojan problem

  Rossi#1 16:30 15 Apr 2006

McAfee alerted me to say Id been infected with the Wonka trojan but it couldnt clean delete or quarantine it. So I ran AD-Aware and BT Antispy but the didnt find it so then I did a full and lenghty scan with McAfee but it reported no infected files!
Now Im confused.

  ade.h 16:44 15 Apr 2006

If you DO have an infected file, then A-squared Free is almost certain (99.99% I'd say) to find it and remove it successfully. click here

Do not forget to disable System Restore on all partitions before attempting to delet the file and do not re-enable it until you have rebooted the PC.

  Rossi#1 16:55 15 Apr 2006

Installed it but it tells me to create a new account then brings up my desktop.

  Rossi#1 17:21 15 Apr 2006

Silly me. I got it right,ran a scan but no Wonka trojan.Maybe I got away with it.

  ade.h 17:30 15 Apr 2006

McAfee can occasionally make false positives. Also, I once saw it detect a trojan on someone's PC that I was using; it claimed to have deleted it successfully, then promptly flash up another warning, then deleted it... and so on.

If a fully updated A-squared has found nothing, then you're safe. About the only thing that it cannot find is rootkits, but not much can at the moment, apart from NOD32.

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