Another TalkTalk problem

  Housten 16:36 13 Apr 2011


If anyone can help I will be very gratful. Underneath is a copy of what normally appears at the top of the list of emails that I have in each folder. But - and I can't be 100% on this - within a couple of days at most of installing IE9 it suddenly moved to the bottom of the list of emails. This is on the TalkTalk website being displayed on my computer and so I have had several email exchanges with TalkTalk, I may as well have emailed a brick wall. They seem to have no idea what I am even asking for!!

So if someone does know how I could get this stuff back up to the top of the page I will be very grateful! If you do not understand what I am asking, please ask and I will do everything possible to help. I am really hoping someone can help as my nightmare is that as it is on the TalkTalk website then it is impossible to amend/change without their doing it, and if I am the only one..................

Mail inbox Change your settings Compose Delete Spam Message actions-------------------------Move to...Copy to...ReplyReply AllForward-------------------------Mark/Unmark as ImportantMark as ReadMark as Unread Advanced Search

  spuds 16:48 13 Apr 2011

Not sure that I know what you are talking about, but is this something to do with the emails not appearing in date/time order?.

  woodchip 17:19 13 Apr 2011

They normally work on Date of delivery. I use Aol mail But am with TalkTalk

  woodchip 17:21 13 Apr 2011

Try Right click on the Mail then see if it will let you change the date

  Housten 17:25 13 Apr 2011


Thanks for replying! No, the emails are listed in order. But instead of it stating that 'Mail Inbox,compose and delete' etc., are at the top of the page, they are at the bottom. What this means is that if you wish to delete, compose an email or reply you have to go all the way to the bottom of the page and do everthing from there. This is just irritating and a bit of a fag. And all I want is to view the web page as I did before!

Also, I have mentioned before about the stuttering PCA web page. I have now noticed that I can keep typing and nothing appears until I click on - but do not have to move - the bar that is used to move your view of the page up and down!! Although this does not happen all the time, as it is now back and working normally! Anyone else having this problem??

  natdoor 21:43 13 Apr 2011

I assume that you are using webmail which, for TalkTalk, is AOLmail, I believe. If the layout of the webpage has been altered then it is unlikely to be changed just because you request it. If dragging the writing marker to the bottom of the screen is too much hassle then you could try using an e-mail client such as Thunderbird.

I find that although the writing marker is flashing in the search bar in Google it sometimes will not accept text input. It is necessary to click the mouse to become active. Is your problem equivalent to this? And when/where does it occur?

  Housten 16:36 14 Apr 2011


Many thanks for your replies but it would appear, and I an NOT very hopeful, but the bar - or whatever it is - has now reverted to the top. I sincerely doubt, as natdoor said, that it was anything that I said although if there were a load of complaints then maybe, just maybe, some notice was taken aftyer all, although I am not holding my breath!

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