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  AndySD 01:22 12 Jul 2005

Attempting to make a graphic design into a working website and just need some feedback please. click here


  Forum Editor 18:29 12 Jul 2005

In fact it looks very good. Perhaps just one comment.....

The words that appear on the buff-coloured bar on each page ( 'info' 'Bread' etc.) might be better if they were coloured up a little - at the moment parts of them are being lost against the white background. Alternatively you could just widen the background bar, they would look fine then.

  De Marcus 19:49 12 Jul 2005

I like your visual style.

Just a few gripes on the spelling on the welcome page, I've caps locked and corrected the errors(apart from where you actually had words in caps lock).

Looking for gluten, wheat and dairy free RECIPES and information? Then you have come to the right place.

Hi my name is Georgina and I have intolerances to a variety of ingredients, PRESERVATIVES and additives. I have found there are many variables to intolerances, so I have based the RECIPES on this site for those who find WHEAT, GLUTEN & DAIRY a problem to consume.

I am not a dietician or medically trained, just an individual who would like to help others who find THEMSELVES with these intolerances. Every day RECIPES or something sweet top most peoples list when giving up "normal food". You don't have to deprive YOURSELF OF a decent slice of bread or the occasional sweet treatS.

Those are the one's I seen and didn't check the rest of the website, quick and easy to fix, just copy your text into a word processor and spell check.

P.s. You've motivated me to dig out my bread machine lol :-)

  Forum Editor 21:08 12 Jul 2005

So Missed those spelling errors.

Now I have seen it however, I may as well mention the apostrophes. Lots of people make mistakes with apostrophes, so you're in good company.

"Every-day recipes" should be like that (hyphenated)

"....most peoples' lists" should have that apostrophe.

"You don't have to deprive yourself..." should have that apostrophe.

  AndySD 22:05 12 Jul 2005


I will sort out the typo's in the morning. I will look to darkening the links and/or widening the bar also.


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