Another question...Free hard disc space in Vista.

  mooly 08:54 15 May 2009

Another question... been running Vista for 2 years now and the size occupied on the C drive is showing as 25GB. If I go to installed programs in control panel that lists 50 progs installed, total size 2.51GB. I have no restore points set up, and all personal stuff is under 2GB. Theres a 2GB hibernation file I think as well.
I'm sure it's grown over the months ? does that sound "normal", wondered what other folks setup took re disc space.

  Bob The Blob 09:02 15 May 2009

The operating system will take up a lot of space too.

  Bob The Blob 09:04 15 May 2009

I wouldn't read too much into what control panel says. I have a 250gb hard drive - 105 programs installed - total size 53Gb. Yet only 57GB left free on my hard drive.

  Graphicool1 09:13 15 May 2009

Where in 'Control Panel' are you looking for 'Installed Programmes'?

  radi8or 09:20 15 May 2009


Have a look
click here
will show you whats on your hard drive, 21day free trial. I bought it a while back so not sure if it is fully functional on trial.



  mooly 11:24 15 May 2009

Looking in "Programs and Features" lists all 3rd party stuff, Adode, Google, Yahoo, Acronis, Fsecure etc etc, plus all the "Bundled stuff" NTI etc and all add ons, such as Java, Flash player and so on. Says total of all that is 2.51GB
Just wondered what a fresh install of Vista + SP1 would occupy.

  mooly 11:28 15 May 2009

Thanks for the link, I'll have a read.

  radi8or 12:09 15 May 2009


I think, I could be wrong, the wife always says I am, it's about 13+ GBs without SP1


  mooly 12:32 15 May 2009

Thanks Bob,
SP1... that got me thinking. Been looking at that, you can apparently remove all the old install files (assuming you never intend to uninstall it and revert back) and that can free up a lot of space apparently.

  mooly 12:48 15 May 2009

Ran the SP1 clean up tool (I'll never uninstall SP1 now, should say never would have) and just got 1GB back. Looking a bit more reasonable now, the recycle bin sets around 4 or 5GB ? is it to use, and then there's the paging file, which I fixed at 3 GB, I'd forgotten that. Since I increased the RAM I don't think thats ever used now.

  mooly 12:21 16 May 2009

OK... still learning. Page file ? With 2gb ram shouldn't be needed much so a good chance to defragment and set it up again. Changed to "use no page file" and rebooted... all OK but free space the same, unchanged. After unsucessfully trying to find the pagefile.sys to manually delete I set the page file to the minimum recommended 16mb. Rebooted and free space jumps right up. Defrag the drive from a command prompt. Never known it defrag as quickly, about 12 mins, all file sizes defragged. Report shows 0 (zero) fragmented files. Excellent ! Set up the page file again, this time trusting Vista to manage it on it's own. Find it's set 16mb as lower limit and 2.2gb as upper.
So this little cleaning exercise has gained me 2 gb on a 53 gb partition.

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