Another question, how often do you re-install

  AngeTheHippy 05:03 31 Jul 2004

or re-format your HDD? Some time back, a PC engineer suggested that he, like most of his colleagues did a clean format approx. every 6 weeks - this can't be right surely? One thing for certain though, it WOULD get rid of those little nasties that can lurk about...

ps....yeah, too hot for sleeping again hence these middle-of-the-night posts!

  €dstowe 06:14 31 Jul 2004

Doing that would cause havoc with the XP activation procedure. I think your engineer was having you on - or not really knowing what he was doing.

OK, it may be because he was always messing about with his machine that he felt he had to do this but, for a normal computer user, we should be using the machines for something useful not spending too much time tickling them up.

  norman47 06:14 31 Jul 2004

Only formated windows x\p pro once in two years. This was prior to the instalation of broad band. It didn't really need it, just wanted to start with a clean slate.

My old windows 98se machine used to be about every 3 months.

Panther, ibook, never.

  AngeTheHippy 16:53 31 Jul 2004

actually is was an Evesham engineer that advised this.... Oh well. I can fully understand you Norman47, I too would have liked a 'clean slate' prior to BB. What I really REALLY hate, is if you install some s/w then decide that it's not for you, you go ahead and un-install (via control panel)but it leaves small files behind. These must mount up, even though I've got LOADS of apps on my PC and out of a 111Gb HDD I have 103Gb free space... should I worry about them?

Just off to take dog for a walk.

See ya all later,


  alan227 17:01 31 Jul 2004

I have an 80gb drive with 56gb free, I have had XP installed on this machine for 18 months without a re-install and the only reason I had to do one before that was because I was dual booting with linux and entered a wrong command at root and zapped my boot loader so I could not load XP or Mandrake.
I would give up if I had to re-install every 6 weeks.

  stalion 17:20 31 Jul 2004

re- istalled once in the last eight years.If you keep your registry cleaned and computer in general, you will not need to unless in the instance of a major crash

  christmascracker 17:25 31 Jul 2004

That's the beauty of imaging software. I always take an image prior to installing (as well as once a week)any new programmes or trials etc. If something goes wrong or I dont like it I can take the pc back to how it was before I started.

After a clean install of XP I would take an image at various stages,1) XP on it's own, 2) with drivers and then the final one when all programmes and updates are done.

Since I've been using Acronis I havn't reinstalled once.

  Stuartli 17:27 31 Jul 2004

Support stalion's viewpoint - never had to reinstall once in past eight years.

Keep system tidy, install and uninstall as per instrucitons, defrag on a regular basis and there really should be no need except in an emergency.

  stalion 19:33 31 Jul 2004

could be that your pc engineer did do a re-install every six weeks but not on the same computer

  AngeTheHippy 19:39 31 Jul 2004

I like your wit, stalion - like it a lot!!!!!

I guess I'll look for a registry cleaner first then, don't know which one to go for, but I think there are a few freebies so will start looking.


  stalion 20:51 31 Jul 2004

try this click here
thankyou for your comments

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