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Another question about home cctv

  bumpkin 23:09 03 Dec 2018

I have a fairly decent cctv system but the instructions and user manual are hopeless, I have even downloaded and printed the100 page version.

I have managed to get it online and thanks to some recent help get it connected to a time server. I wish to network it so that I can view it on other devices like my phone or other PCs on the network. I have looked on Google forums as well as the manual but I don’t understand terms like “Mapping” or “Port Forwarding” also tried downloading and installing suggested apps to no avail. System is Annke , nearly forgot to say that. Anyone here that understands this sort of thing.

  Flat Earther 13:58 04 Dec 2018

Once connected to your router, in the DVR network settings find the IP address 192.168.1.xx, then type this into the address bar of Internet Explorer on your PC and you should get asked to install a plug in.

As for mobile access, it should display a QR code which sets it up for you.

You should find quite a few helpful videos on youtube if you are stuck.

  bumpkin 15:31 04 Dec 2018

*As for mobile access, it should display a QR code which sets it up for you. *

Thanks, where can I find this code.

  Flat Earther 16:05 04 Dec 2018

If you view the cams in Internet Explorer, you should see 3 QR codes on screen, for the Apps in Android & iOS and another which is the serial code for the device.

You can probably call them up somewhere in the main settings, but I don't have a display attached to the DVR itself to look, as it's hidden away.

  bumpkin 21:53 04 Dec 2018

If you view the cams in Internet Explorer,

Please can you explain exactly ho to do this.

  bumpkin 23:21 04 Dec 2018

There is a QR code on the bottom of the DVR, is this the one I need.

  Flat Earther 00:14 05 Dec 2018

Log in to App, select add device, scan code.

  bumpkin 21:03 05 Dec 2018

I have a samsung phone. Where is app or do I have to download a reader.

  bumpkin 14:05 09 Dec 2018

I am still struggling with this. I have installed the QR reader, read the code from the bootom of the device as per the manual. enabled P2P, installed the app (Annke View) and when I try to run it just a circle going backwards.

  wee eddie 14:13 09 Dec 2018

Your Circle "going backwards" is the "Loading Sign".

What are you trying to run it on and what is the speed of the connection? Specification and OS needed

  bumpkin 15:56 09 Dec 2018

Samsung phone an android, how do I ckeck download speed it shows at about 14mbps on a windows laptop.

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