Another problem - crashing

  tazzo85 02:31 23 Jul 2003

me again, another problem i hope you nice people can help me with is that when i play music or any media while surfing the internet, my computer either blue screens or restarts itself...or sometimes crashes and while i move the mouse i hear clicking noises. i booted my computer and it seemed to be ok untill a few weeks after i installed a few things back. i have over %80 free system resources. is my hard drive knackered? or have i installed something? hmm..its really bugging me!!

  brittas 08:23 23 Jul 2003

what version of windows are you using - can you roll back to before you had probs ???

  xania 09:06 23 Jul 2003

If you are using a USB modem, you may find that this demands much of the USB resources and any other USB usage at the same time can cause this problem. If USB is your problem go here click here for advice.

  tazzo85 14:32 23 Jul 2003

i just had it done to me again and what it says on the blue screen is
"A fatal exception OE has occured at 0028:00000009. The current application will be terminated

*press any key...
*press CTRL+ALT+DEL..."

when i pressed a button my AOL 8 closed and i tried it again but the modem port was still open so i had to re-start my comp to close the port.
I am runing windows 98. Also my disk defragmenter wont work. i left it running for 10 hours and it didnt even reach 1%! HELP!

Are you using windows xp? Which o/s are you using?

  tazzo85 15:05 23 Jul 2003

not being stupid but whats an o/s? im running windows 98 with aol 8. my modem is HSP56 Micromodem in COM2.

Sorry you are using windows only way yoou are going to get that working again is by rebooting your pc again i'm afraid!! I had the same problem when i was using windows 98. Once you reboot start installing the program but install aol 8.0 first with your modem and then see how it runs. Then start installing the rest of your programs. Try each program for a few hours or so just to makes sure that they are operating properly. Then you might find the program that is causing the problem more easily.....

  tazzo85 15:15 23 Jul 2003

thanx very much for your time. actually after last time i rebooted my computer, i found that it happened after i installed the camera so i uninstalled it and it still happened after thats why i thought it couldnt be it. i really need the camera though lol. i installed it off the disc that came with it, Intel create andd share and the camera instalation was on the same one. i then downloaded the driver for it off the time website but the same happened with it. shoudl i uninstall it and try that before rebooting? thank you very much for all your help!!

click here

Copy and paste this link you might find some solutions. It seems like a network problem to me. You have to update ur drivers etc

  tazzo85 15:29 23 Jul 2003

thank you very much...would you happen to know why my disk defragmentor wont work then? i left it overnight last night - 10 hours, and it never got to 1%...the hard drive light was flickering though!

  BillEmm 17:15 23 Jul 2003

Hi tazzo85, One can't be too specific about disk problems on a 'troubled' machine but there are two common problems with defrag:

1. You should run it in isolation - ie with no other programs active. The easiest way is in safe mode.

2. If you haven't defragged your disk for some time it may be too fragmented for the program to work. Or your disk may be too full.
In either of these cases you should delete your recycle bin and all temp files. Move as much data as possible to another drive or to quality CD/s. Uninstall all infrequently used programs - they can be re-installed when you need them. If that is not enough then keep uninstalling programs until the defrag program can operate.

Hope this is meaningful.


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