Another Problem

  maz2 16:15 16 Aug 2004

Another friend (I think I'll become friendless) has phoned and asked me about a problem, when she switches her PC on lots of pages load automatically, they just seem to be popping up all over the place also the mouse pointer goes berserk creating a trail all over the screen, the only way to get it off is apparently to switch off at the box, has anyone any idea as to what it could be, she's running XP with Norton Thanks

  sattman 16:32 16 Aug 2004

Where do you get these friends max2 ?

Quickest might be to do a restore to a good point

  maz2 16:50 16 Aug 2004

Goodness knows I wish they'd disappear, it's my own fault I suppose, I've volunteered too much in the past, I'll tell her to go back to a good restore, but she won't know what I'm taking about. Thanks

  maz2 14:51 17 Aug 2004

I had a look at her PC this morning as it was the Dialer control that was causing the problem, as soon as the PC started up the internet connection box was appearing and if you cancelled it all sorts of pages just started popping up, anyway I uninstalled the dialer control and everything went back to normal, she'ss just have to rely on spywareblaster from now on. I don't know what went wrong with it for that to happen all of a sudden

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