Another PC Restore scam

  stephenph 13:41 13 Apr 2015

Just had a phone call advising me my computer had nearly 16,000 errors from a company first saying they were from "Windows" and then PC Again an Indian call centre gentleman took me thorough, but exposed himself as he did not know our phone number is restricted under TPS (Telephone Restriction Service- banning cold calls- and he said TPS gave him our number Doah!

However how do I get rid of those 16,000 error notices? Also do PC Restore know they are being used in a scam?

  stephenph 13:48 13 Apr 2015

As an afterthought, the Indian "gentleman" said he was from There is a UK company called I have advised them of the scams in their name!

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  Batch 14:19 13 Apr 2015

Ask yourself, how would they know that you have 16,000 errors (or any other number of errors)? They whole thing is a scam - just ignore it.

  lotvic 14:58 13 Apr 2015

"However how do I get rid of those 16,000 error notices?"

You don't as they don't exist. They are just part of the scare tactics used by the scammer fraud Thieves.

If you think logically about it, unless you tell them, no one can know what problems you have or even if you have a pc. They can get your name and phone number from any phone book database, scammers buy lists of names etc. to use in their scams, same as email addresses for spam and scams.

If you get a call of this nature, just say 'haven't got a pc' (insert a few *beeps if desired) and hang up. - Would you waste time talking to a Thief on your doorstep? No? - then why waste time talking to one on the telephone?

I hope you didn't let them have 'Remote Access' to your pc.

If you did then post back for advice on what to check through to make sure they haven't done any damage or stolen your bank details etc. (if you kept any on your pc)

  lotvic 15:04 13 Apr 2015

This article action against fraudulent tech support scams ClickHere might make you feel better about it.

  Ian in Northampton 15:08 13 Apr 2015

To qualify a little what Lotvic said: they do exist, and that's the clever thing about these scammers. If you had let him take you through his 'process', you'd have been led to open up 'Event Viewer' where Windows maintains a log of everything that happens on your PC, including every single tiny transient error that Windows and/or your hardware are more than capable of dealing with. I just looked at my System Event Viewer and, remarkably, there are 58,000 events listed there - pretty close to your 60,000... Now, somewhere - I don't recall where - there's a list of errors with either yellow 'warning' symbols or red 'danger' symbols. Again: they're just what Windows/your PC does, and they're (99.999999% of the time) nothing to worry about. But for someone who doesn't know all this, the scammers prey on their ignorance. They demonstrate "conclusively" that your PC is suffering tens of thousands of errors - and offer to help you resolve them.

  lotvic 15:17 13 Apr 2015

Yes, spot on Ian, as you say, if they got as far as Event viewer, the notices would be found but they are only notices of window events and all windows pcs get them by the bucketful :)

  stephenph 19:52 13 Apr 2015

Phew that's a relief! It was 15,978 errors or red danger symbols, which was very scary! No one tells the average Pc user about what I call the "behind the scenes activities" and to offer to speed up your computer, seems great, except my PC has a massive 1 TB of memory and is very fast! Thanks for the reassurance, but should these events be deleted as recording them must take up space?

  Ian in Northampton 20:29 13 Apr 2015

I don't think there's any harm in deleting them - but I doubt they take up much space. And: it's not like the old days, when a 5MB - yes, MB - hard drive was as much as you could dream of... I wouldn't bother to delete them on the basis that, if it ain't broke (i.e. you aren't running out of disk space) - don't fix it.

The important thing is: you didn't give him access to your PC - and you didn't give him any financial information?

  lymonster 07:42 17 Aug 2015

My mum has been called by someone from this service last week. They claimed to be from Microsoft and diagnosed over 14,000 errors. They helped her download various programmes and also sold her a 4year warranty for over £200. I have the email with the payment confirmation. It is from pcrestoret. This must be a scam. Can anyone advise what i need to do now? To a) ensure the information on our computer is safe, b) recoup the money, and c) report this so others don't get caught out.


  lymonster 09:09 17 Aug 2015

hello. i've posted a new thread in addition to the comment below. all advice gratefully received, either here or there.

thank you.

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