Another PC has the same IP address as this one

  jonmac 08:36 17 Nov 2009

I have a single PC here at home and no network, wireless or otherwise. When I boot up a message appears saying that "another computer on this network has the same IP address as this computer. Contact your network administrator for help in solving this problem...."
I use Windows 7 and an USB binatone modem.
Mt ISP, Plusnet, says "this is a Windows & problem as it is not compatible with usb modems" Send £6.99 p&p and we will supply you with a £40 router and waive the cost if you remain with us for 1 year."
My understanding. though, is that a router sits between the PC and a modem, presumably connected via usb connectors. Am I correct or are different connectors used? Also looking to the future (12 months or so) when I may wish to add a laptop what wireless device would it be sensible to add at this stage to solve the problem. i know little of wireless things.
And finally, does it matter that another PC, real or imaginery, has the same IP address? Are there security implications?

  stugra 20:04 18 Nov 2009

Check with PlusNet as I suspect they are offering you a modem router, not just a router. This will connect via ethernet.

Another good bit of advice is to phone the helpline number of PlusNet - they have never let me down - have a chat with them.

  grey george 20:46 18 Nov 2009

I assume if boot up without the usb cable plugged in that you do not get the message. You would want a wireless router/modem or other wise you would have to run a network cable to were ever your laptop was. You have posted to this forum so have internet access is that on another machine or is your system working despite the error message? Try a google search for Windows 7 drivers or a update from Binatone.

  jonmac 23:30 18 Nov 2009

Thanks for the responses stugra and grey george.
Plusnet have now confirmed that it would be a modem/router. They also say that they know for a fact that my Binatone modem is not compatible with Windows 7. The Binatone, however, doesn't know this and continues to work anyway! Come to think of it that message didn't appear today when I booted up! If it does tomorrow I'll try rebooting without the modem connected. I'll also ask about a wireless modem, their offer seems OK and I'm not about to leave Plusnet anytime soon.
Thanks again both for your advice and help.

  Covergirl 12:43 19 Nov 2009

. . . . your PCs wireless adaptor is switched on (whether you use it or not) and you've unknowingly intercepted a neighbours wifi signal which may not be secure.

If you go to Start, Connect To it will show you available wifi connections in your area. If they are security enabled it will say so for any it finds.

Maybe a long shot but I occasionally get this message on my home wireless network if I have both desktop and laptop switched on at the same time.

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