Another PC down?

  Leon100 23:09 24 Jan 2010

Hey there,

I appear to be having similar probelms someone else on here.

PC won't boot at all and just stays with a blank screen, all the fans are running and the lights are working on the mother board. I've removed all the ram and given the connections a wipe.

This problem has gradually got worse over the last feew weeks. At first it would happen, I would restart the PC a couple of times and it would boot and run perfectly. Gradually that couple of times became half a dozen then even more then that, I had just been using sleep mode instead of shuting it down and it was working fine, so I don't really think it would be the PSU?

The IT guys at my work said it could be the graphics but I doubt them as when It did finally boot I could play games on it fine.

So I guess that only leaves me with the motherboard and the hard drive?

Any suggestions?



  Strawballs 23:17 24 Jan 2010

You dismiss the graphics because the game ran ok but still suspect motherboard so going by that theory nothing will work if motherboard failing.

Try taking out the graphics card and memory and put back in making sure they are seated properly.

  birdface 23:27 24 Jan 2010

have you tried starting it in safe mode to see if it works on there.

  User-312386 23:30 24 Jan 2010

I think your IT guys may be wrong, it sounds like a failing PSU on the 12V rail to the CPU!

Do you get any post beeps?

Howvever, lets go through a couple of tests.

1. Take the graphics card out and see if you get POST beeps!

2. Take all cards and memory out and see if you get POST!

3. Remove the 20/24 pin main power supply out of the MOBO and re-seat it and also the 4 pin connector to the CPU and reseat it!

Try that and come back to us, if you get no POST at all i would think it is the PSU.

  User-312386 23:31 24 Jan 2010

Meant to say obviously do this with the mains disconnected.

  Leon100 00:29 25 Jan 2010

Hmm seems like it could be dodgy ram, tried the above with the graphics and still nothing. Then tried removing all the ram, again nothing. Then only placed back 2 sticks out of 4 and it works!, then tried 3 and switched the last one about. Seems it is either one dodgy stick of ram or the slot is self is messing it up?

  User-312386 07:53 25 Jan 2010

Ok now only put one stick of ram at a time in slot one and see if it boots! If all 4 work then you know its the slot! If they all work get a paint brush and lightly brush the offending slot

  Leon100 10:16 25 Jan 2010

I tired this any they all worked, I rang the shop I got it from and they suggested since the RAM had been overclocked it may have become unstable. So I have reset the BIOS to the default and everything appears to be running fine with all 4 sticks of ram in. Plus windows is picking up all 4GB so I assume they are all fine.

Cheers for your help madboy.

  MuDelta 12:56 25 Jan 2010

Hi Leon 100
It looks to me as though your problem has been solved; if you agree, don't forget to marks it as such.

What an excellent forum to have such people in it!!

  User-312386 21:02 25 Jan 2010

What was the ram set to overclock at then?

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