Another Overclocking Question

  O-NO 11:48 12 Jun 2004

AMD 64 3400
PC3200 DDR
X800 PRO

Being a bit of a boy racer (before you say o-no) I would like to run CPU FSB at 215 (default 200)with no added cooling as temps seem fine (highest this week was 47.5).......

Question is do I need to tweak anything else?...
VCORE voltage is set at 1.536 only option in there is to ignore......

Any advice as usual greatly can scream 'leave it alone you fool'.

  Chegs ® 11:51 12 Jun 2004

'leave it alone you fool'

An XP3400 should be fast enough for ANY task you ask it to perform.

  O-NO 11:57 12 Jun 2004

LOL....nice one Chegs..

Yes it does not hang around but you no what us boy racers are like (ends in tears usually).

I have come across one or two games that seem to be CPU limited.

  Chegs ® 12:03 12 Jun 2004

OC'ing an 64Bit CPU is a bit like having a supercharged engine and adding a turbo.The difference in performance is so small you wouldn't notice.OC'ing can lead to death of CPU and 64Bit CPU's are not cheap to replace.These "one or two games that seem to be CPU limited." How could you tell?

  O-NO 12:10 12 Jun 2004

Nascar 2003...there was not a noticible increase in FPS from using 9800xt graphics card to x800 PRO....only time this increased was when the CPU was increased...but I hear what you are saying.

  Chegs ® 01:02 14 Jun 2004

I noticed an improvement in graphics when changing from a Ti4600 to a Ti4800(identical cards visually)due no doubt to the higher AGP(x4 to x8)but little difference in FPS when changing from XP1800 & PC133 RAM to XP2700 & DDR2700 with the same cards.The XP2700 causes a stutter in "Underground" unclocked,so I usually run it .5 higher on the multiplier.This cures the stutter,but (strangely) a lower score in benchmarking graphics.Increasing the multiplier to give 2338mhz CPU(gets it damn hot)reduces the score still further.The only gains I get is with GC tuner software(Coolbits/RivaTuner)then I get crap gameplay(freezes,etc)but brilliant scores from benchmarks.I only experimented with OC "to see for myself,what the fuss was about"I can get high speed or reliability from my present components,but not both.

  O-NO 01:23 14 Jun 2004

Hi Chegs.......

I tried running at CPU FSB at 215 and ran a benchmark...

3DMARK2001 went from 22860 to 25698
3DMARK03 went from 9671 to 11486

Nice scores but decided to be sensible and listen to what you have said and now run at default 200.

One final thing is that CPU-Z gives the Core Speed at 2202.8 MHZ....should this not be 2400?

  hugh-265156 01:40 14 Jun 2004

X800? as in the new radeon card? are these cards even on sale yet?

lol! with your set up(which i would give my right arm for) you will be able to play just about anything smoothly no need for overclocking.

i have read somewhere(pc format mag i think) that far cry is cpu limited at lower resolutions of 1024x768 using this card and an athlon 64 but you should still be getting 60+fps with everything at max and all the AA and AF wacked right up full.

at 1600x1200 with the same settings you should expect around 45-50fps which is awsome!

your eyes wont notice any difference with anything over 35fps or so.

so my question is if your specs are as above then why? LOL

if you still want to do this make sure you upgrade the cpu/case and graphics card cooling then have a browse around the overclocking forums click here click here

  O-NO 01:50 14 Jun 2004

Yes huggyg71 it is the X800 PRO.....had it about 2 weeks now.

Many thanks for the links.

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