Another Opera question.

  rawprawn 15:46 16 Sep 2005

When I come into "Helproom" using Opera, the files down the left hand side showing that the thread has been resolved (with a tick) or is still open all appear as numbers. It's normal in IE so it isn't a PCA fault. What setting have I got wrong?

  octal 16:24 16 Sep 2005

Go to preferences, or whatever its called in your's because I'm using the Linux version, and make sure "Show images" is selected.

  rawprawn 16:28 16 Sep 2005

Yes that is already selected,Thanks

  octal 16:39 16 Sep 2005

OK, because when I de-select showing images I get exactly the same as you like this click here or have I got it wrong? If not, have you got something installed that's blocking images?

  rawprawn 18:08 16 Sep 2005

Ok, thank you for your reply. I have cured the problem by using Acronis True Image to go back to when I installed.The thing that is bugging me is I have no idea what I have done to change the way it looks. I have been messing with Spybot Tea Timer, and I think I must have caused the problem there, although I don't know how. Anyway all is back to normal, and thank you for your responses, I think you were right whatever I did within Spybot must have caused the problem.

  vinnyT 11:08 17 Sep 2005

I know you have ticked this, but on one of the toolbars (either at the top or bottom, depending if you have customised it or not), there is a button you can press to

-Show Images -No Images or -Cached Images

maybe you had inadvertantly pressed this and selected no images (this will over rule what is the default in the prefs menu.

I use this a lot when viewing image intensive sites, as I'm still on dialup.

Hope this helps.

  rawprawn 11:13 17 Sep 2005

Thanks for that, I have just checked and "Show Images is selected. You could have been right though because I used Acronis to bring it back, I can't tell if that was not selected when I was having problems.

  vinnyT 11:45 17 Sep 2005

The joys of computing, glad you got it sorted though, that's the main thing.

  octal 11:53 17 Sep 2005

It just shows how complicated programmes are becoming, I know rawprawn has been around for some time by the number of times he posts, it proves even the best of us get fooled sometimes.

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