Another NVIDIA driver update problem

  Grayd 23:33 04 Nov 2003

I just caused major panic in the household by downloading a "RECOMMENDED UPDATE" for an NVIDIA driver from Microsoft and knackering our PC.

Managed the driver rollback, recommended on another thread, on my own but this is the second MS download error that I've come across in a couple of months.

Has anybody - NVIDIA, Microsoft - owned up and said that this is a cock up? Who's to blame?

Have any warnings been issued?

Gray D

  Simon_P 00:01 05 Nov 2003

I would recomend only using drivers from the makers of your grapgics card.

As I understand it:

Nvidia who probably supply Microsoft with the driver just make drivers for the GPU not a particular card make.

  SGT BARNES 00:02 05 Nov 2003

i reformated and did a windows update and thats the only file i didnt update as i had the latest drivers from nvidia.

dont know why i didnt maybe it was a 6th sense that told me not to and i'm glad i didnt

  Jester2K II 08:23 05 Nov 2003

However, it was not hte graphics card that caused my problems.

I reinstalled Windows the other day, straight forward I thought...But every time I installed the Nvidia Soundcard Driver i lost all sound with no way of getting it back. The SoundStorm.exe program would fail to initialise and hang the system. Could not remove the driver or reinstall the old one. Result? Reformat....

Also, out of interest, no less than three times when using Windows update was I infected by Welchia Worm virus. The situation was as follows -

Format & Install Windows.

Load Drives for Mobo (Gigabyte GA7 NNXP) Which loaded the two (one Intel and One Nvidia) ethernet drivers.

Connected via lan (ADSL Ethernet Modem) to Windows Update and D/L all available updates.

Load all GENUINE MS Software (Office 2003 Etc)

Load Symantec Internet Security 2004 and BANG -


So, absolutely No email accounts set up, no other software, and certainly no third party software. Also, no other disks in the machine that may have had a previous infection (Although all already scanned by Norton in any event).

Formatted MBR as well just to make sure but it keeps on doing it and the only way to avoid is to load windows and then load Norton straight after and before any MS Download!!

  Stuartli 09:02 05 Nov 2003

nVidia only supplies graphics chipsets to graphics card manufacturers and provides updated drivers, which are backwards compatible, on a regular basis.

That's why its drivers work with any make of graphics card that uses an nVidia chipset.

  Jester2K II 09:13 05 Nov 2003

Welchia and MS Blaster come to your PC directly from the net. Not via e-mail, software, disks or messenging services etc.

There are thousands of PCs out there infected which are scanning for vulnerable unpatched PCs. Once one is detected (as yours was in its unpatched state) it infects the new PC. It takes a few seconds from logging on to infection. Download the patch click here from MS and save it to disk (use a friends PC if neccessary) and install the patch before connecting to the net. AV will stop it infecting your system but all the while you are online it keeps coming and coming....

  rickf 11:40 05 Nov 2003

Given the above, I just want to say that I have downloaded and installed the 50.25 drivers w/o any probs. I am running XP Pro.

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