Another novice needs help

  p-r-b 10:47 13 Aug 2004

Bought computer from Tiny with the back up reload disc and Kaspersky AV and Firewall pack. Loaded AV but can't get on with it so downloaded free trial of Trend Micro PC cillin.
I assume they are incompatible as I now get a message at start up saying One of your discs needs to be checked for consistency, it then refers to Volume Serial No 50AC-646E, after checking I get some figures which I haven't been quick enough to note. I then get the desktop as usual and am trying to get to system restore but nothing happens whatever I do.
Is incompatibility the problem and how can I get my system working so that I can delete Kaspersky AV and load Trend micro
Sorry if this is a question thats been asked before but I'm stuck and would appreciate your help Paul

  tasslehoff burrfoot 10:50 13 Aug 2004

Have you tried booting into safe mode and removing Kaspersky from there?

  rawprawn 10:50 13 Aug 2004

Try opening in Safe Mode (Tap F8 on booting)Then use Add or Remove to take off Kaspersky.

  961 11:00 13 Aug 2004

Suggest removing both, check disk for errors and then re-install one

  p-r-b 11:09 13 Aug 2004

Thanks vey much guys - I'll be back I expect !!

  bhocip 09:16 14 Aug 2004

Although this issue has been resolved, I would be grateful for any more information on how to remove Kaspersky AV from my system. My OS is XP Home. I have tried the safe mode but Kaspersky AV does not appear. The program comes up on computer start up and starts running, I would like to remove it completely. Thanks for any advice

  Graham ® 10:26 14 Aug 2004
  rawprawn 10:29 14 Aug 2004

First what is the program called exactly ? second you can stop it loading as a short term measure by going to Start/ Run/ type msconfig then click on the Startup tab and untick any of the boxes relating to that program. You will be asked if you want to restart clic OK, and it should not start when you boot. To remove it completely we need more information for example did it have it,s own uninstall program.

  rawprawn 10:31 14 Aug 2004

Graham ® beat me to it, and with a better response.

  bhocip 10:52 14 Aug 2004

Thanks Graham and Raprawn for suggestions.
Have tried msconfig, Kaspersky does not appear as such. The click here from Graham produces an empty window with a small square top left corner. Prperties says it is connected to Kaspersky. Thanks again.

  bhocip 12:34 14 Aug 2004

Have to leave now so will continue tomorrow, possibly with help to clear from registry.

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