Another New Graphics card problem!! Yarrghh!!

  nodger 23:58 03 Mar 2006

The same as Keith c early I today whacked in a gecube ati rad x800 gto agp card and are now experiencing repeat blue screens when i launch hl2 - cs - dod etc my psu matches the minimum spec in the manual but do I need more? plus there is and adaptor to the rear of card but I aint got a clue where to plumb it in! could this be for the fan!? starting to get weepy!!

  rdave13 00:04 04 Mar 2006

Have a brows on this site click here

  007al 00:06 04 Mar 2006

The socket at the back of the card is for a connection to the power supply.Your card needs its own power.Did you get a PCI_E to molex connector in the box?

  rdave13 00:06 04 Mar 2006

PS especially the catalyst drivers (ati)

  nodger 00:10 04 Mar 2006

Hang on 007 dont lose me..yep I got matching leads to the socket in the back but where to connect it I just dont know

  nodger 00:16 04 Mar 2006

Right Im going in! Ive got the cable and about to de-staic myself..any last clues as to where the other end of this cable should go before I try at random..

  007al 00:18 04 Mar 2006

If its a PCI_E converter,it will plug from the psu molex to the back of the card

  007al 00:19 04 Mar 2006

molex plugs being the bundle of 4 pin plugs coming from your power supply unit

  nodger 00:31 04 Mar 2006

Right im in..p.c's running case open - currently no 4 pin plug to the molex but the fan is spinning without i really need it?

  nodger 00:33 04 Mar 2006

thers a whole bundle of wires out the back of the psu with a number of sockets on the end ..which to plug into I dont know

  007al 00:46 04 Mar 2006

You do need it.The fan is plugged into the card itself.You should have spare 4 pin plugs that look like this click here
Plug the spare end of the PCI-Express connector into one of them

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