Another mobo/cpu question

  Ladaman 22:41 04 Mar 2003

The manufacturer of a certain motherboard has told me that it will accept up to a 3.00 GHz cpu if the bios is updated.

What i need confirming is that i can get the mobo and a 3.00 ghz cpu put it all together and THEN update the BIOS.

Logically, its seems that the bios would need updating BEFORE the mobo would boot up with this 3.00 CPU on.



  woodchip 22:49 04 Mar 2003

Do not think you can get a 3.00 GHz cpu yet I may be wrong as I do not run Intel.

But as you said you would have to boot the mobo with a smaller cpu so you could get to the prompt with a floppy disc to flash the bios

  jediknight007 22:57 04 Mar 2003

Well, it seems obvious that you wiill need to update the BIOS and then install the CPU. If your motherboard doesn't recognise the 3Ghz CPU, then how are you going to bootup sucessfully and update your BIOS?

  Ladaman 21:27 05 Mar 2003

woodchip - yes 3GHz is available even from AMD

jediknight - well this was my thinking but a retailer's email to me suggested that is was possible to put the 3 Ghz processor on then update the bios. Maybe it will work but not at 3Ghz until the bios is update... ????

Anyway, its all irrelevant, i have now realised that this processor would cost me £500!!

  Kyomii 21:36 05 Mar 2003

You *should be able to put the processor in but it will only run at the speed determined by the BIOS* until you update it.

*sometimes this may not work

  Ladaman 21:42 05 Mar 2003

nice one thank you !

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