Another mans Junk....

  Pilch from 19:52 09 Nov 2004

Well at work (Hospital Porter) i was emptying the bins as usual and as the place i work is small we skip it before it gets incinerated...

I done the bins early in the day.... nothing...

About an hour later i went to it again and saw a printer..... Umm i thought...

Then looked to the left and saw a monitor base, and lo and behold there was a monitor... so i turned it up thinking the screen was smashed.. all fine on the external side of it...

Anyhow i ran off to the site administrator and asked him.. nope he hadnt thrown anything out... so we went for closer inspection.. and dragged both out.. I brought them home thinking they are dead... So far the montior just plugged in and is fine! just gotta get 5 minutes to test the printer...

Anyhow... if passing a skip have a brief look inside! You never know what you will get!

Before now i have had a wrought Iron gate that is now hanging accross my steps outside after walking to the shops one evening and spying it... my dad was impressed...

  Dorsai 20:16 09 Nov 2004

The other option, someone dis-honest (but not you) threw it out, in the hope of collecting it later out of the skip.

It is a very easy way of stealing from work. Throw it it the skip. No one thinks anything of seeing a person throwing a box in the bin.

Later, at night, When no-one about, they come back, and retrieve it, from the skip.

Well if they did then they will have a shock tonite!

This wasnt NHS bits as there was no security or tested marks on the monitor or printer which was surprising... Also there is no tech guy's on the site so i think it was the right place at teh right time.. thankfully it didnt rain this morning!

  THE TERMINATOR 20:37 09 Nov 2004

How about letting me know if you find a 17" TFT monitor(LOL)....TT

When i work that out TT ill let you know...

(Just tested the printer Brother HL1250) and installed and working....

  Buchan 35 21:55 09 Nov 2004

Hey there Dorsai, where did you learn that one he lads from the pub reckon you`d make a good addition to our company

  spuds 23:50 09 Nov 2004

Surprising the amount of stuff that finds its way into wheelie bins for collection later on. But of course there is always the chance that someone was fly tipping ;o)

  spuds 23:52 09 Nov 2004

Should have mentioned the ultra violet light trick, wonder if it will give any clues!.

  sean-278262 00:30 10 Nov 2004

Remembering of old, out of skips I have had much luck, I have won

An FM radio

Numerous Model cars (generally 1:15 scale the £20 ones)

Teddie Bears always the bigger ones. Great for a young family member.

Several furnishings, tables chairs etc

an electronic typewriter (in 1992)

a megadrive complete with sonic 3 still in it and the pads (way back in 1991)

It amazes me what people throw away. Charity organisations cry out for things like these, what is so hard about putting it in the car and instead of dumping it dropping it in to cancar research etc on the high street. Failing that sell it, most stuff can fetch a tidy sum on ebay, having heard rumours that a pair of socks worn by a (hot non-famous) woman sold for a few thousand dolars.

  curlylad 00:38 10 Nov 2004

Aint any 40" Plasma screens in that there skip are there matey , I'll give you a drink like (lol).

  MidgetMan 09:01 10 Nov 2004

Just to put a dampener on it, it is in the eyes of the law illegal to remove things from a skip/dustbin etc without the consent of the person who has thrown it away.

Whenever we have a skip on the drive people are always knocking on the door asking if they can take this bit of wood or that old door etc.Once i had a skip full of hardcore when a lorry driver stopped and asked if he could take it as he was building a patio, he completly emptyed the skip and i was left with nothing else to put in it!. Sometimes wonder why I bother paying for the skip, should just put it all on the driveway and let passers by help themselves!!.

By the way, nice to see you posting again Pilch from, not often I see see your tag on here anymore.

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