Another little tip, but not mine this time;-(

  Sapins 11:08 12 Oct 2004

Found this via one of Forum Editors replies in a post, so he gets all the credit, reluctantly!

You can highlight someones user name and drag and drop it into the Title box.

  Sapins 11:16 12 Oct 2004

There must be lots of tips being used but not shared, perhaps a Speakers Corner post?

  Carafaraday 12:16 12 Oct 2004

Thanks for that - some of the names are quite difficult to get right (don't know if the above says Sapins but hope so).

  Sapins 12:46 12 Oct 2004

Come on!!! Sapins isn't difficult to get right ;-)

  Stuartli 12:58 12 Oct 2004

I've been doing that almost from my first visit several light years ago...:-))

It enables you to get a nickname such as that of Magik ®© correct.

  Sapins 13:10 12 Oct 2004

Yes, but, you didn't share it with everyone did you? ;-)) Da, Da, Da, Da, Da, Da.

  Sapins 13:11 12 Oct 2004

Now it's good afternoon from me!!!!!

  Stuartli 13:17 12 Oct 2004

Copy and Paste is one of the most widely used features of any computer system..:-))

However, anyone who tries to do it using drag and drop will find it impossible to achieve as everything in the vicinity will also be highlighted.

  Sapins 13:28 12 Oct 2004

I have just managed to drag and drop individual words from your post,so I don't quite understand what you mean!



  Stuartli 13:48 12 Oct 2004

One critical point that you didn't mention was, after highlighting the nickname, to temporarily release the mouse button and then do the drag and drop...:-)

Otherwise, by highlighting and dragging and dropping you are still highlighting everything in the vicinity.

  Sapins 13:55 12 Oct 2004

See what you mean now, I've just highlighted the whole of our front room, still, saves on electricity ;-)

end: If you post something in the wrong place we'll not know anyway LOL.

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