Another IE7/BT Yahoo problem

  UncleP 02:21 10 Dec 2006

Today I decided - rather foolishly, perhaps - to accept Microsoft's invitation to up-grade my browser to IE7. Everything seemed to go swimmingly until I opened the sidebar, which had contained a good selection of useful information. Now all it contains is a little notice saying that the currently installed sidebar is incompatible with IE7, and that I should up-grade to the latest software.

Fair enough, I thought. But following this path led eventually to a window inviting me to select from a list of utilities recommended by BT Yahoo - BT Yahoo browser, Norton Anti-Virus, a Pop-Up blocker and an Anti-Spyware program. I previously had had major problems on my computer which were only solved by uninstalling Norton Anti-Virus. It didn't go easily, as geogar found in his thread below
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And the buttons against each of the above utilities were linked in such a way that it is impossible not to select Norton AV. So they want me to uninstall the virus checker which has worked perfectly over the last year, and install an alternative which may cause me further trouble? Or do without the sidebar and any other components which may no longer function correctly? Or move to another broadband supplier?

Sorry, it's late, I'm tired and I can't get my head round the possibilities and alternatives here. Perhaps some of you guys and gals have thought this through and can come up with better suggestions.

  timothywilliam 12:17 10 Dec 2006

When I upgraded as you did ( do we really have an option ?) I noticed all these changes going on with Norton. My attitude to these things is just let it happen and although one or two little issues come out they usually seem to get resoloved in time. If they say unistall the Virus checker I personally would as I understand you only need one. Two can conflict. Doing without the Sidebar is no real hassle- it usually just gets in the way anyway. Nothing on it you can't get from elsewhere.

  UncleP 12:37 10 Dec 2006

Are you serious, or are you trying to wind me up? 16:00 10 Dec 2006

would never have Norton on my PC any more, it caused me too many conflicts years ago when I did away with it.

Getting back to the point though, I had endless trouble when I downloaded IE7 alongside my favourite BTYahoo browser a couple of months ago. In fact, I had to stop using the BTY browser altogether. This has now been resolved due to a hard drive failure (luckily with one month left on the guarantee).

This time, I downloaded IE7 first, onto my new HD, then downloaded the BT Yahoo browser after. I don't know what difference this made, but both work perfectly beside each other now. I can finally get rid of Firefox too.

  [email protected] 16:16 10 Dec 2006

isp bt, all bt and yahoo clutter long gone, norton 07, ie7 installed and never had a problem with either, had loads of problems with bt yahoo, download this, upgrade to this, install latest version of flash, free yahoo toolbar etc etc etc,
all hassle and marketing and clutter in my humble opinion

  UncleP 01:02 12 Dec 2006

Sorry for the delay in replying, my youngest grandson has been in hospital for a minor operation today (Monday) and we are looking after the two older boys. I also intend to contact BTYahoo in the near future to see what they have to say about the choice of AV software, but haven't had time so far. is BTYahoo your broadband supplier and, if so, are they not pushing you to adopt Norton as your AV program?

adman 2: I must admit that the Norton AV which caused the earlier problems was not the current version. But the experience was traumatic, and I still see lots of adverse comments in these forums and elsewhere which make me reluctant to risk anything similar. Once bitten, twice shy ...

Perhaps the simplest solution would be to uninstall IE7 and return to my initial configuration. But I suspect BTYahoo will withdraw support for this in the not-too-distant future in any case.

  woofwoofbark 06:05 12 Dec 2006

did you have the latest Norton Security from BT installed on your computer and then decided to uninstall (what does windows security centre report for firewall/antivirus start>control panel>Security Centre) ? and if so what firewall/antivirus do you now use ?

I have zone alarm firewall and avg antivirus running even though windows security centre saying that it reads that there are more than one on my system with one currently active ... I tried BT desktop help who are as usefull as a car without an engine , i even called thier technical help which is routed to India and they say that since i have uninstalled Norton they cannot help me because Im using protection that is not part of the BT security package , fair enough I thought , but thier product Norton is still on my system somehow and they were at a loss as to why its still showing even though I have installed it ? bt help is a waste of time that is why I use this site , the people on here acctually know what they are doing and dont get paid a penny for it .... enough grumbling from me ....

I also have the sidebar problem that you describe and was thinking of contacting BT , they say I can use thier desktop help but they never have a clue about anything and tell me to call technical help ????

I'll save this thread incase you find a cure for the sidebar problem ! good luck.


  [email protected] 07:48 12 Dec 2006

if you search on norton '07 you will find few problems, i got rid of mine 2 months for avg zone alarm and spyware blaster which resulted in a system rebuild, most of the bad press is on 05 06 versions, my advise is if you're paid up on norton take the free upgrade to the 2007 version, good luck

  UncleP 14:17 12 Dec 2006

geogar: the Norton episode was 2-3 years ago, when I was still on dial-up. I moved to ZoneAlarm Pro and AVG (free) which worked well until I moved to broadband a year ago. One of the reasons for choosing BTYahoo was that it included a security system which looked pretty solid; indeed it appears to have worked perfectly so far (the AV is provide by Computer Associates). This is still in place.

So I haven't needed to contact them at any time until now. But I'm also a frequent visitor to these forums, and they are my first port of call when problems do arise.

To summarise, I have three options: uninstall IE7 and keep the existing security system, retain IE7 and accept the Norton AV or move to another supplier who will allow my choice of browser and security components. From comments in this thread and elsewhere, I suspect that I may be over-reacting to the possible threat from Norton, and I'm tending to take adman 2's advice and accept it. If significant problems arise from this, I would then move to the third option rather then trying to resolve them (I'm not taken with the commercial bombardment from Yahoo either).

Anyhow, my thanks to all who have contributed to this thread. I will leave it open for a few more days while I come to a final conclusion. And I will let you know the results in due course.

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