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  pj123 17:38 30 Apr 2004

I am not very good at maths so I need a formula to find "what percentage 70 is of 200" I know it is 35 doing it in my head. I also know that the percentage 125 of 250 is 50. But I need a formula that will work it out from whatever 2 sets of numbers are entered. eg. what percentage 90 is of 200. Again in my head I know it is 45 but I can't work out a formula that gives the correct answer regardless of what figures are entered.

  Nosmas 18:00 30 Apr 2004

The formula is n x 100/v = p where n = the number you wish to express as a percentage of another; v = the value of which n is a percentage; and p = the result of the calculation i.e. the percentage that n is to v

In your examples 70 x 100/200 = 35 (%)

and 125 x 100/250 = 50 (%)

With decimals (instead of integers)

25.5 x 100/63.75 = 40 (%) (i.e. 25.5 is 40% of 63.75)

Hope this helps

  pj123 18:52 30 Apr 2004

Thanks Nosmas, that looks good to me. The bit I missed was the constant (100). Will give it a try and post back.

  pj123 19:31 30 Apr 2004

Nosmas. Worked like a dream. Thanks a lot. Now ticked.

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