Another easy Excel question?

  graham√ 09:27 18 Jun 2003

I have a photocell which switches on a floodlight on a tree in my garden, and have now started an Excel worksheet to track the time. To start, I have the date, 17 jun 03, in column A, the time as 9.20 in column B. I would like to have a graph of the data but the penny hasn't dropped yet, I suspect it's the time format. I have put in some dummy data for now.

A trivial subject maybe, but a nice graph! Anyone with Excel on their PC who have never used it, give it a try. I'm hooked!

  graham√ 10:02 18 Jun 2003

Thanks, wouldn't a different time on subsequent days be sufficient data? If the date was on the bottom (is that 'x' axis?) and the time was on the left (y?), then I would expect to see a change until 21st June, which is the longest day, then the trend should reverse as the days grow shorter.

  graham√ 10:43 18 Jun 2003

Thanks from me, and all the people following this lesson!

VoG®, had to faff about with the date, it just numbered 0 - 10 at first, just what I wanted now. Only thing is, how do I 'refresh' the graph as I input the new time each day, add days on and extend the time range?

  graham√ 11:08 18 Jun 2003

Thankyou, perfect. Until the next time...

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