Another digital changeover question

  johndrew 16:59 17 Jun 2011

Sorry to be boring on this subject, but I've looked everywhere I can think of and failed to resolve the question.

I have a digital TV and receive terrestrial Freeview (by aerial only - no satellite dish) I also use both an analogue only VCR and DVD/R unit to (currently) record programmes from the five analogue stations.

At change over is it possible to use a digibox with either VCR or DVD/R (or both) to record Freeview transmissions whilst watching a different channel on the TV? If so what would be the connection chain?

Many thanks in anticipation.

  johndrew 12:52 19 Jun 2011

Many thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\ your set up description is easy to follow and makes perfect sense. I have saved the text to provide a hard copy guide in case I get lost in the maze of wires I shall have :-))

I guess I will not be attempting to better or even match your number of simultaneous recordings!!

  robin_x 13:22 19 Jun 2011

Very few digiboxes have RF output modulators now. They used to be more common and typically cost an extra £10 or so. So tuning a VCR/analogue DVDR to a digibox would be uncommon now.

More usual now is setting up an extra digibox as described above but the VCR/DVD units must have a SCART socket that can be set as Input Source.

The VCR/DVD units should be connected to a digital TV SCARTs 1 and 2. The TV can then cycle thru' DTV (internal Freeview tuner) or the set-top box (via the DVD/VCR).

For analogue TVs (as I still have) it gets a bit more complicated with cabling, but still possible.

I have a set-top box for my VCR/DVD combo and a PVR for day to day use.

There are two ways of cabling it.

PVR goes to TV SCART1 Digibox goes to Combo input SCART A3. Combo output to TV SCART2 Switching then is between TV AV1 and AV2.

or (when I had an older single SCART TV) Combo output went to PVR Aux SCART input insteaed of TV. Switching then was on the PVR between AV and Aux.

It all works perfectly well. Confusion with 'what is displayed on screen' is when trying to setup a DTV, using the TV SCART as output to VCR/DVD.

It does not apply with an external box.

  woodchip 14:49 19 Jun 2011

Just a Question on this same thread of thought, I have just got a Freeview Box including a Modulator under the Free changeover scheme, where one of my TV's a old Pye that as excellent picture but no scart, the new box as one scart, could I connect the VCR/DVD recorder to the scart and then would it the recorder see the channels on Freeview box to record direct from. as I said the Recorder is Analogue so would it pick-up the channel numbers from the above box

  Strawballs 15:15 19 Jun 2011

woodchip yes it would.

  Strawballs 15:17 19 Jun 2011

Sorry, if you then connect your Pye TV via the RF output on the VCR you can watch recorded and the freeview that way.

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