Another digital changeover question

  johndrew 16:59 17 Jun 2011

Sorry to be boring on this subject, but I've looked everywhere I can think of and failed to resolve the question.

I have a digital TV and receive terrestrial Freeview (by aerial only - no satellite dish) I also use both an analogue only VCR and DVD/R unit to (currently) record programmes from the five analogue stations.

At change over is it possible to use a digibox with either VCR or DVD/R (or both) to record Freeview transmissions whilst watching a different channel on the TV? If so what would be the connection chain?

Many thanks in anticipation.

  johndrew 09:42 18 Jun 2011

Many thanks to all for responding.

The mixed response reflects the searches I carried out previously. To my mind the suggestion that Fruit Bat /\0/\ makes should work - logically - as the digibox is being used only for analogue VCR/DVD (or maybe both) and would be separate from the TV which has its own digital tuner. I understand the point Woodchip is making but think this would be the case if the TV tuner was being used to support the analogue equipment as it can't do two jobs at once.

It would have been helpful to many if Digit-Al had provided more information with regard to peripheral equipment instead of concentrating solely on analogue TVs.

If anyone has tried to do what I wish to do I would really appreciate their results. In the absence of such information, it looks as if I shall need to find a compatible digibox and experiment myself.

Thanks again.

  eedcam 11:16 18 Jun 2011

Aanother digibox for the recorders is all you need

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:00 18 Jun 2011

I have an old analogue DVD recorder (ALBA) Have used it to record freeview channels to DVD as I first posted.

Also use it to transfer stuff from the HDD recorder to DVD for when I'm away from home and to transfer the old VCR tapes to DVD.

  woodchip 14:18 18 Jun 2011

"Another digibox for the recorders" It does not work I have tried it

  woodchip 14:28 18 Jun 2011

There is no way7 you can make a Analogue Recorder pickup Digital signals and record from them. As I said only way is for TV to be playing a Digital Channel and record it while its playing as all it is that recorder sees is a Picture and sound. If you have a Analogue VHS/DVD Recorder mine is a Bush then it will not record Digital direct even with a separate Freeview box plugged into the input side. As I said I have tried it all ways round side to side top to bottom there is no other way to try it that will make it work. To change Digital to Analogue you have to use a Modulator

  lotvic 14:57 18 Jun 2011

Connection Wizard

Select the equipment to be connected, then click on FIND DIAGRAM

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:59 18 Jun 2011

Philex FV400

This box has an RF modulated output - handy for TV / VCR sets that don't have a SCART input socket.

Also supports connection by SCART, digital audio out and a 7 day programme guide.

Last seen for around £35 from Amazon - Consider the Icecrypt T5000 as an alternative box that has an RF modulator

Icecrypt T5000

Freeview box that has an RF Modulator, handy for TV sets without a SCART socket. Has 7 day programme guide, 2 SCARTs and digital audio out.

* Just £17.99 at
* £29.30 at Amazon

To record freeview to tape

Aerial input to Digibox - aerial output to VCR input - tune VCR to digibox (will only find one channel when anlogue switched off so make the digibox channel zero on VCR)

Set timer on BOX to correct time and channel and set VCR to record from channel zero (see above)at correct time.

Watch TV on another channel

To record to DVD

Same as above

or if it will record from scart input as per my old ALBA (most of them do as one of the selling points was to transfer old tapes to DVD)

Connect scart from digibox to DVDR - set digibox timer to correct channel and time -set DVDR to record from scat at the same time setting as the digibox

Remember if using the one box for the VCR and DVD you will only be able to record one channel at once

Watch different channel on TV

Once managed 5 channels at once - wifes program on the VCR - kids on the DVDR - two football matches on the Humax twin recorder and watched the GP racing on the TV.

:0) that was more than I normally watch in a momth.

  eedcam 18:34 18 Jun 2011

Well I dont know whats wrong with yours Woodchip as my sony digibox worked with my vhs recorder no problem

  natdoor 21:14 18 Jun 2011


As others have stated, it is possible to record a freeview channel on a VCR using a digibox. The modulator, to which you refer, is needed in the digibox if an analogue RF signal is to be output representing the freeview channel in analogue form. Most digiboxes these days do not provide a modulated output but merely a lop-through of the signal fom the aerial in unmodified form, so the picture (analogue format) is only output via Scart or similar video intefaces, such as composite video. If your VCR is connected to a video output and set up to record from the input used (e.g. AV1) then you should be able to record. Perhaps you should check the digibox output by connecting it to a TV.

  Strawballs 21:22 18 Jun 2011

Once the Analogue is switched off then no older equipment will work if the signal is not put through digital box first, it may work both ways at the moment but you may find your analogue has not yet been switched off.

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