another dead pc - but not a power problem

  delos5 18:55 13 Jun 2005

about a year old - still was working hunky dory til i got a message a couple of bootups ago telling me that there was a 'suspected fault/integrity issue' for the hard drive, or somesuch (sorry, didn't note it down) - this msg was on the bios/bootup screen. i rebooted as it advised a full harddrive backup. got into windows, started getting my stuff together to backup and the computer just went dead.

since then - i get a quick blue light when i start up, but only ever if i,ve unplugged at the mains and reconnected again. thought it would be a power issue so bought a new power supply. still nothing.

harddrive failure wouldn't mean no reboot, right?

no bios, a wink of a power light, then nowt.

what should i do/try next? stuck for ideas here!

  delos5 18:57 13 Jun 2005

typing this on a mcdonalds wipeable keyboard in the restaurant sucks bigtime!

  delos5 19:07 13 Jun 2005

desperate/pleading bump

  961 19:31 13 Jun 2005

It's the McDonald's keyboard that gets to you!

Tell us the spec of this

If it's not psu then it could be loose cables, motherboard fault or hard disk fault

Is it one you built or did you buy it commercially. If so, any warranty?

  howard60 21:39 13 Jun 2005

try unplugging the video card and plugging back in. If this fails to do the trick I assume you are not getting any beeps. Make sure all usb devices are unplugged I spent several hours trying to find a non existing fault and by chance removed a usb cable and the pc fired up.

  delos5 11:03 20 Jun 2005

Just to thank any posters and for feedback for anyone else in the same situation.

It was the motherboard. Got a new one, works fine.

The end.

(cue credits)

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